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Grain producers plan protest over proposed lifting of ban on the import of Ukrainian grain

Grain producers are calling a protest, after We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB), GERB, plus the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) proposed allowing the import of Ukrainian grain into Bulgaria after 15 September.    PP-DB,..

13.09.23 09:07 |

EU extends ban on Ukrainian grain imports in five member states

The temporary ban on the import of wheat, maize, rapeseed and sunflower from Ukraine in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia has been extended by 3 months until September 15, 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food said.  The..

06.06.23 12:12 |

European Commission adopts exceptional temporary measures on import of certain agricultural products from Ukraine

The European Commission has adopted exceptional and temporary preventive measures on imports of a limited number of products from Ukraine under the exceptional safeguard of the Autonomous Trade Measures Regulation. Agreement reached with EC to..

03.05.23 08:35 |

Bulgarian producers protest against import of Ukrainian grain once again

For a third day in a row, Bulgarian grain producers protested against the import of cheap Ukrainian grain. Some of them blocked the border crossing near the village of Kardam, dumping a trailer full of sunflower seed on the road..

31.03.23 13:18 |

Low quality pork from Western Europe floods the Bulgarian market

The share of Bulgarian pork in the national meat market is close to 30%. The rest is imported from Western European countries. This is what Ventsislav Slavov, chairman of the Association of Industrial Pig Breeding, told BNR Varna.  According to him,..

17.01.23 16:56 |

European Commission fears Lukoil will export Russian fuels from Bulgaria

The European Commission is holding talks with the Bulgarian government due to concerns that refined Lukoil products may be exported from our country , EC spokesperson Daniel Ferrie announced. "Actually, Bulgaria enjoys a special derogation from the..

28.11.22 18:11 |
Photo: Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Bulgaria

Albanian wine - a bridge between our two nations, why not?‎

‎On July 4 th the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Bulgaria organized in the University Botanical Garden in Sofia the first event dedicated to the tasting of Albanian wines in Bulgaria - an excellent opportunity to bring our two peoples..

06.07.22 16:43 |
Hristo Bozukov

Doubts about restricting imports of poultry meat in favor of certain companies

The Minister of Agriculture Hristo Bozukov will file a signal to the Prosecutor's Office over illegal orders by a former director of the Food Agency. An inspection showed that the control body acted in favor of several large..

08.11.21 15:19 |

External debt has increased by 2.3 billion Leva in past year of coronavirus pandemic

A drop in export by 8% and in import by 10%, a rise in the unemployment rate by 170,000 lost jobs and a growth of the external debt by 2.3 billion Leva – this is the picture of the past year of coronavirus pandemic, said Radosvet Radev ,..

14.03.21 13:32 |

Export of goods from Bulgaria to EU declines by 4.1%

In 2020 the export of goods from Bulgaria to the EU has gone down by 4.1% compared to 2019,  and amounts to over 18.3 billion euro, BTA reports. According to data of the National Statistical Institute Bulgaria’s principal trading partners are..

12.03.21 13:42 |
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