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Bulgarian cabinet announces package of anti-crisis measures

0% VAT on bread for one year, updating of pensions by about 20% as of July 1 and higher tax breaks for families with children - these are some of the measures included in the so-called anti-crisis package approved by the coalition partners in the..

18.05.22 11:56 |

Anti-crisis measures proposed by “We Continue the Change" to be discussed by Coalition Council

14 measures totaling over 1 billion euros will be proposed by the MPs from "We Continue the Change" at tomorrow's ruling coalition council. This was announced by Andrey Gyurov, chairman of the Parliamentary Group of "We Continue the Change". The..

16.05.22 19:30 |
Assen Vassilev

Cabinet drafts urgent anti-crisis measures to fight inflation

The government is preparing a new package of anti-crisis measures to support citizens and businesses , Finance Minister Asen Vassilev said. "Since the adoption of the budget and since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have had..

06.04.22 16:19 |

Quarter of Bulgarians worked remotely during the pandemic

According to a study by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions based in Dublin, a quarter of Bulgarians worked remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. The anti-epidemic measures in the..

03.04.22 16:57 |

End of mask wearing and social distance from April 1

As of April 1, the extraordinary epidemic situation is officially lifted, Minister of Health Asena Serbezova said at a briefing. The obligatory wearing of masks in closed public places, the observance of physical distance, the..

30.03.22 15:08 |

Green certificate requirement may be lifted in March

"The green certificate will be needed for another month or so," Prof. Radka Argirova, adviser to the prime minister over Covid-19, has told Nova TV. According to her, the peak of the fifth wave will be reached by February 8-10...

02.02.22 09:59 |

Restaurants and bars in Sofia boycott anti-epidemic measures

Large-scale joint inspections by 5 institutions on the first day (27.01) of the introduction of evening hours and limited work capacity of restaurants showed that establishments refuse to comply with the measures. Despite the..

28.01.22 18:50 |

Restaurateurs in Bulgarian prepare to boycott new anti-epidemic measures

Catering establishments will most likely boycott the new anti-epidemic measures, Emil Kolarov, chairman of the Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria, has told BNR. New restrictions provide for working hours until 22:00, a mandatory green certificate..

24.01.22 15:15 |
PM Kiril Petkov

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Kiril Petkov invites protesters for talks on Friday

"I am very sorry that I am in quarantine, because I would be happy to go and talk to the people in the square." This was stated by Bulgaria's Prime Minister Kiril Petkov regarding the protest organized by the Vazrazhdane party in front of..

12.01.22 15:46 |

Decisions on anti-epidemic measures will be made according to daily data

The new coronavirus wave is quite different than the previous ones. A complex assessment will be made each day on the basis of the data, Minister of Health Asena Serbezova said after a meeting with the Emergency Service and directors..

11.01.22 12:06 |
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