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Prof. Kostadin Angelov: We can take the masks off by end of August

At a briefing in Plovdiv, Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov has expressed satisfaction with the pace of vaccination. "We have managed to administer 100,000 vaccines this week, which is 20% more than the previous one," he said. According to..

01.05.21 15:11 |

No "shopping corridor" for the elderly after May 1

On Saturday, May 1, the requirement for grocery stores to provide a "shopping corridor" for the elderly from 8:30 am to 10:30 am is lifted. This is the order of the Minister of Health signed on April 29. From the beginning of..

29.04.21 15:23 |

More anti-epidemic measures eased today

On Monday, April 19, visits to children's centers are allowed, under the condition of staff wearing face masks and people using no more than 50% of the room capacity. It is also allowed to hold cultural and entertainment events,..

19.04.21 06:00 |

Easing of measures in Bulgaria must be slowed down

Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev, a member of the National Operational Headquarters for combating Covid-19 has warned that easing of measures would inevitably affect morbidity levels. In an interview with BNR,..

18.04.21 14:23 |

Malls and casinos open today

On April 16, visits to gaming halls and casinos are allowed under the condition of using no more than 50% of their capacity. Restrictions on the operation of sites located in large shopping centers are also lifted. This happens by..

16.04.21 06:05 |

Large non-food stores are pushing for reopening

Non-food hypermarkets with an area of ​​more than 300 square metres insist on being allowed to reopen on April 12. In a letter to the authorities, they claim that they are discriminated against and insist on support from the state, BNR reported...

07.04.21 16:48 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 389

Number of new Covid-19 cases expected to decrease in a week Adopting extreme measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus infection is not the answer to the problem, said Bulgaria’s Chief State Health Inspector Dr. Angel..

31.03.21 19:56 |

Obligatory wearing of masks outdoors in Burgas to be lifted

On April 1, obligatory wearing of protective masks outdoors in Burgas is lifted, but pensioners' clubs remain closed. The decision has been made by the Municipal Crisis Headquarters combating Covid-19. The workload of the..

31.03.21 19:39 |

No cases of South African Covid strain registered in Bulgaria

"10 days is not a short time, but we don't know if it would be enough. The term could be extended." This is what Bulgaria’s Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev has told the Bulgarian National Radio, speaking about the..

21.03.21 11:59 |

New local anti-epidemic measures can be adopted after elections

We will not be able to cope with the growing number of infection cases in the next 10 days, but with the restrictive measures we will ease the workload on hospitals, Assoc. Prof. Spas Spaskov has told the "Horizon t " program of..

19.03.21 14:06 |
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