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MPs check migration pressure on Bulgaria’s southern border

The parliamentary committee for control over the security services has started an investigation into the situation related to migrant pressure on Bulgaria’s southern border. The reason for the inspection was information from the Ministry of..

02.06.22 19:46 |

Virtual birds fly in Sofia's subway on World Migratory Bird Day

The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds will mark the World Migratory Bird Day observed globally on October 9 through a video installation in the Sofia subway. The screens in the subway will broadcast the flights of the Egyptian vulture, the..

09.10.21 10:52 |
President Rumen Radev

President Radev convenes Consultative Council on National Security over pandemic and migrants

President Rumen Radev is convening the Consultative Council on National Security (CCNS) today to discuss the financial measures necessary for thwarting a potential health, social and economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. The second..

16.08.21 06:05 |

Migration pressure at border rising

There is an increased migration pressure on the country, but it is not uncommon. This is how the caretaker Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov assessed the situation in response to a question in parliament. The Minister clarified that..

30.07.21 10:54 |

Hearing of minister of interior on migration pressure

At today's parliamentary session, Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov will be heard. He must provide information on the level of migratory pressure and illegal migration on the territory of Bulgaria during the period of the caretaker government..

30.07.21 06:05 |
Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint

Police detains 6 illegal migrants in van

A border police officer has found six illegal immigrants in a hiding place on the floor of a van during an inspection of the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint , the Ministry of Interior announced. The vehicle was driven by a Turkish citizen who was..

14.07.21 16:40 |

Bulgarian police detains 25 illegal migrants from Afghanistan near Vakarel

25 migrants from Afghanistan have been detained on the Thrace highway near the village of Vakarel, Sofia region. They had probably been abandoned by traffickers. Officals from the Ministry of Interior told the BNR that the refugees were spotted walking..

04.05.21 14:44 |

Government approves national migration strategy

The government has approved a national migration strategy for the 2021-2025 period. The strategy is in conformity with Bulgaria’s commitments resulting from the country's membership of the EU, BTA reports. The strategic objectives set out..

24.03.21 15:44 |
гранична полиция

Bulgaria's border police detains 12 migrants, including 3 children

An Iraqi and 11 Syrians, who crossed the Bulgarian border illegally, have been detained on the land of the Svilengrad village of Generalovo (Southern Bulgaria), BNR correspondent from Haskovo Dora Atanasova reported. The migrants told the border police..

07.03.21 14:46 |

New regulations facilitate hiring workers from third countries

The Bulgarian Parliament has amended the Foreigners Act, facilitating labour migration and labour mobility. The obligatory study of the labour market by the employer when hiring third-country nationals and offering the job first to Bulgarians, is..

26.02.21 16:39 |

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