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Life expectancy at birth in Bulgaria is 74.9 years: NSI

The average life expectancy at birth in Bulgaria calculated for the period 2017-2019 is 74.9 years, or 0.1 years higher as compared to the previous period (2016-2018), the National Statistical Institute announced. Life expectancy at birth indicates..

13.05.20 12:07 |

Trial online census of Bulgaria's population ends

A total of 5,806 people participated in the electronic census of Bulgaria's population and housing stock survey conducted between April 20 and April 30 in Bulgaria, Bulgaria's National Statistical Institute (NSI) reports . A total of 4,381 households..

01.05.20 12:21 |

The population of Bulgaria is shrinking and ageing: National Statistical Institute

According to National Statistical Institute data, at the end of 2019 the population of Bulgaria stood at 6,951,482 which is 1.4% of the population of the EU. Men account for 48.5%, and women for 51.5% of the entire population...

13.04.20 13:11 |

Eurostat: The population of Bulgaria is under 7 million

According to latest Eurostat data about the population of the EU countries in 2018 the population of Bulgaria was 6,957,642. Young people aged under 15 accounted for 14.3 percent of the population, people aged 14 to 64 – 64.4 percent, and those..

11.07.19 09:52 |

Bulgaria’s population dwindles with over 416,000 people in 10 years

In 10 years the population of Bulgaria dwindled with over 416, 000 people, which is approximately the whole population of Burgas district, analysis of Eurostat about the demographic trends in the European Union shows. In 2007 the population of Bulgaria..

12.04.18 10:04 |

The population of Bulgaria dwindles by over 50,000 a year

Over the space of one year the population of Bulgaria has declined by 52,000, or one town the size of Vratsa (with a population of 53,000), latest Eurostat demographics indicate on World Population Day. On 1 January, 2016 the population of..

11.07.17 16:05 |

Press review

Bulgaria’s printed media accentuates on Thursday on the latest demographic data of the National Statistical Institute. The population of Bulgaria will be under 7 million people by 2019. Each year the Bulgarian population melts down with some 52,000..

13.04.17 11:10 |
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