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Pandemic and drought bring down price of arable land

The price of arable land, and the rent from it, has dropped for the first time after 8 straight years of increase, National Statistical Institute data show. In 2020, owing to the pandemic the average price of one hectare of arable land in..

23.06.21 13:57 |

Bulgaria with cheapest electricity in EU, according to EC

The European Commission has presented energy reports with assessments for EU countries. Bulgaria is among those that have achieved the targets for 2020 for the production of renewable energy. Electricity in Bulgaria is the cheapest in the EU - 98 euros..

14.10.20 15:16 |

Price of natural gas goes up again

As of today, the price of natural gas jumps by 10%. This has been decided by the Bulgarian energy regulator. Thus, this month one megawatt-hour of the blue fuel will cost BGN 24.72 /12.27 euros/, and this price does not include fees and taxes. This will..

01.10.20 15:58 |

Parliamentary Energy Commitee approves changes to Energy Act over reduced natural gas price

The Parliamentary Energy Commitee has approved amendments to the Energy Law at first reading with 12 votes for and 6 against. The changes are required in order to regulate a mechanism for reimbursement of sums under agreements concluded between..

03.04.20 13:50 |
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