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60% of adult Bulgarians still read books

The Spring Book Fair opened in Sofia on May 24 to celebrate the Day of Culture, Education and Bulgarian Literature. It will run until June 2. According to a 2023 survey by Alpha Research Agency and the Observatory for the Economics of Culture, 70% of..

24.05.24 12:32 |

"March of Books" Campaign: Encouraging children to read

The national "March of Books" campaign is being launched in Sofia today on International Children's Book Day and Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. Part of the campaign is the "Reading Classroom" initiative, which combines 15 minutes of reading a..

02.04.24 07:35 |

On 250th day of Russia’s war in Ukraine, art installation arranged in Sofia Reading about Freedom

Sofia municipality is arranging an art installation, called Reading about freedom, on the steps leading up to the Soviet army monument in Sofia. What all the books included have in common is that they are all dedicated to the anti-utopia..

31.10.22 13:37 |

60% of Bulgarians have not bought a book in the last year

38% of Bulgarians have not read a single book in the last year , according to a study by Alpha Research, presented on today's International Literacy Day. According to the data, 12% of respondents believe that there is no point in reading, and every..

08.09.22 15:22 |

Reading – a pastime young people in Bulgaria are not interested in

One in five Bulgarians has not read a single book in the past year, indicates a national survey on reading attitudes among Bulgarian citizens of different age groups conducted by the Bulgarian Book Association. One more worrying fact is that many of..

26.08.22 12:07 |

The march of books starts from the centre of Sofia on International Children's Books Day

On the occasion of the International Children's Book Day, the "March of the Books" was launched from the emblematic Slaveykov Square in front of the Sofia City Library. The initiative is part of the mission of the Bulgarian Book Association, in support..

02.04.22 17:56 |

Children who love to read take on the role of detectives

Educational platform Knigovishte.bg has prepared a surprise for its young readers in Sofia, who today will be able to look for children's news hidden around the main alleys of the Zapaden Park, Borisova G radina , Yuzhen Park..

09.05.21 05:45 |

Оnline children and reading

In addition to being the day of children, June 1 st also marks the beginning of carefree holiday months for the youngest pupils in Bulgaria - those from the 1 st to the 3 rd grade. And while the games completely fill their minds after the end of..

01.06.20 12:59 |
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