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Minister Assen Medzhidiev  (C) during his visit to Dobrich

Bulgaria is ready for a possible rise in the number of Covid-19 cases: Caretaker Health Minister

“Bulgaria is ready for a possible rise in the number of Covid-19 cases, the system has been provided with medication, the number of intensive-care beds has not been changed,” caretaker Minister of Health Assen Medzhidiev stated during a visit to..

20.09.22 15:24 |

Restrictive measures against new Covid-19 wave will be introduced in Bulgaria

More than 1,000 Covid cases are reported daily in the country, chief state health inspector Associate Professor Angel Kunchev, has warned. He will therefore offer that the authorities introduce measures under a new pandemic plan. The..

13.07.22 11:50 |

Meeters and greeters will be allowed at Sofia airport

Access restrictions to Sofia Airport terminals for people who are not passengers or staff will be lifted on March 28.  They were part of Bulgaria's measures against the pandemic. Those seeing their loved ones off had to part with them at the..

27.03.22 11:30 |
As of April 1 COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted in Bulgaria but masks will still be mandatory in most indoor public spaces including public transport.

Covid restrictions cancelled in Bulgaria

The government will not extend beyond March 31, 2022, the period of the extraordinary epidemic situation introduced in the country, the government press service said. After two years of the country being under an epidemic emergency, the..

27.03.22 11:04 |

Ruling coalition to lift extraordinary epidemic situation

The ruling coalition will lift the extraordinary epidemic situation in the country but health authorities will still have the right to put in place anti-epidemic measures.  This will be made possible after the amendments to the Health Act submitted..

25.03.22 12:08 |

Gradual phasing out of anti-epidemic restrictions as of today

3 , 411 is the number of newly registered Covid-19 cases out of 21,984 tests performed in the country in the past day, a positivity rate of 15.5%. 74.2% of the new infections are among the unvaccinated, Single Coronavirus Information Portal..

24.02.22 08:55 |

Bulgarian government plans on lifting all Covid restrictions on March 20

March 20 is the possible date for cancellation of all Covid restrictions in Bulgaria, including the revocation of the green certificate . This was announced by Bulgaria's Prime Minister Kiril Petkov at an extraordinary governmental briefing. The green..

21.02.22 16:34 |

Health authorities in Sofia lift restrictions on working hours of restaurants

The restriction on the working hours of the restaurants and gambling halls in Sofia-city, introduced as an anti-epidemic measure, will be lifted as of midnight. This is stated in an order of the director of the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate Dancho..

09.02.22 19:07 |
Kostadin Kostadinov

Prime Minister tells Vazrazhdane party that green certificate will be lifted by April

In a telephone conversation with Vazrazhdane party leader Kostadin Kostadinov, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said the green certificate would be lifted by April, the opposition politician announced on his Facebook page. "The..

02.02.22 11:31 |

Covid measures for arrivals to Bulgaria eased as of today

As of 1 February the Bulgarian health authorities are including the countries where the 14-day coronavirus incidence rate is between 500 and 5,000 per 100,000 residents in the red zone.  Arrivals from these countries are allowed to enter Bulgaria..

01.02.22 10:18 |

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