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Sunny and hot weather expected on Thursday

It will be sunny on Thursday. The minimum temperatures will be from 16 to 24°C, in Sofia - 16°C. Daytime highs will range from 31 to 36°C, in the capital - 31°C. It will be mostly sunny along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Maximum air..

16.08.23 18:10 |

Sunshine before noon, clouds and showers in the afternoon on Wednesday

It will be sunny on Wednesday before noon . In the afternoon hours, cloudy skies are expected and  there will be short rain showers and thunderstorms  mainly over Western Bulgaria . Hailstorms are possible. The minimum temperatures in Bulgaria..

30.05.23 18:35 |

Rain showers and northeastern wind expected in Bulgaria on Palm Sunday

Over the next 24 hours, cloudy weather will prevail. In places, mainly in the western half of the country, rain showers are expected. The wind will be oriented from the east-northeast.  The minimum temperatures tomorrow will be between 2°C and 7°C..

08.04.23 18:08 |

Light rainfall expected in Bulgaria on Sunday

During the night across the country, the wind will shift from the west-northwest, intensify and bring cool air with it. The cold atmospheric front will also pass through the eastern half of the country and there will be short-term precipitation in some..

25.03.23 18:10 |

Temperatures on the rise on Saturday

Sunshine is expected tomorrow over Western and Central Bulgaria . Over the eastern regions, overcast skies are in the forecast with light showers in some places.  The minimum temperatures on Saturday will be between minus 2 °C and 3 °C, t he highs..

17.03.23 19:55 |

Pleasant warm weather expected on December 26

It will be mostly clear at night. Visibility in the plains will begin to decrease. The minimum temperatures tomorrow will be between 1°C and 6 °C, in Sofia - around 3 °C. Tomorrow, over most of the country, it will be mostly sunny and warm for..

25.12.22 18:25 |

No precipitation, rising temperatures expected on Friday

Cloudiness over the country will temporarily increase during the night, but no rain or snow is expected . It will be almost quiet with minimum temperatures between - 4°C and 1°C, in Sofia - around -1°. Cloudiness from the west will begin to decrease..

22.12.22 19:50 |

Both sunshine and cloudy skies expected on Monday

The weather in Bulgaria will be mostly sunny tomorrow before noon over the whole country, and in the east throughout the day. After noon, cumulus and cumulunimbus clouds will develop over the western half of the country. In places, mainly in the..

28.08.22 18:25 |

Cloudy skies and rain expected, sunshine along the Black Sea coast

On Thursday, rain will stop over Northern Bulgaria and the clouds will break. Over Western and Central Bulgaria intermittent showers with thunder are expected in the afternoon hours. Rainfall will be more significant in the Rila and Rhodope Mountains..

10.08.22 19:45 |

Summer temperatures with cloudy spells, no rain expected on Wednesday

On Wednesday, the weather in Bulgaria will be sunny, with occasional cloudy spells in the afternoon but no significant precipitation. The maximum temperatures will be from 23 to 28°C, in Sofia - 23°C. It will be sunny along the Black Sea coast..

12.07.22 19:45 |
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