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The war in Ukraine does not constitute a threat to Bulgaria’s tourism

There is absolutely no threat to navigation, tourism and tourists on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Bulgaria’s outgoing Minister of Defense Dragomir Zakov said for the BNT. Bulgaria’s seacoast is safe for tourism. Sometimes pieces of military..

25.07.22 09:43 |

Ukrainian refugees make up for staff shortages in tourism

At the height of the summer season, hotel and restaurant operators face a serious problem – staff shortages at Bulgaria’s resorts. A significant drop in interest in tourism as an education has been registered in the country, Genka Rafailova,..

13.07.22 17:13 |

Walking the trails of history in Haskovo and the Rhodope

The town of Haskovo is a gateway to the Eastern Rhodopes, which in turn abound with trails exploring the historical past. But before heading out into the countryside, we recommend the enthusiastic tourist to take a stroll around the town, which boasts..

06.07.22 08:21 |

The only preserved Medieval island monastery in Bulgaria is… on St Anastasia island

Inconclusive were the results of our latest quiz. The question, published on the pages of all the 10 languages in which Radio Bulgaria maintains content, was: “Where is the only surviving Medieval island monastery in Bulgaria?” The audience had to..

05.07.22 15:00 |

Travel, believe, love: The incredible life of Elena Krapcheva

Her life is like a movie… or like some kind of Bulgarian version of Eat Pray Love. And the moral is – believe in yourself and embrace freedom because fortune favours the bold. “Maybe what I have learnt all of these years is that you have to..

28.06.22 13:16 |

Guests in Tryavna have free access to an audio tourist guide

Tourist audio guide for Tryavna is now available to guests to the town. The mobile application is free and is available in Bulgarian and English. The mobile application gives an opportunity to every tourist, who has decided to..

26.06.22 16:26 |

Mountain vacation instead of one by the sea or why choose the town of Troyan in the Balkan Range

In May, the municipality of Troyan reported strong tourist presence. Judging by the reservations, an even greater influx of tourists is expected in the coming months, Daria Zarichinova - a representative of the Regional Tourist Association Tour Club..

25.06.22 09:10 |

Vazov’s hiking trail - a tempting offer for weekend tourism

Vazov’s Trail is a suitable summer route for all lovers of the mountains and breathtaking views. It is located about 50 km from Sofia in the Iskar Gorge. The trail leads to the Skaklya waterfall - one of the most..

24.06.22 21:28 |
Golden Sands resort

Free sightseeing tours start in Bulgaria's Varna and nearby resorts

After the great interest in the free tourist walking tours in Varna , such will be organized in the resorts "Golden Sands" and "St. St. Constantine and Elena", the Tourism Directorate of the Municipality of Varna has announced. During the..

19.06.22 16:20 |
Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism Hristo Prodanov

Tourism Minister Hristo Prodanov: Ukrainian refugees should be integrated promptly

Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism Hristo Prodanov said that he expected a 15%-20% increase in accommodation, services and food prices on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In an interview for Nova TV, Minister Prodanov expressed hope that the 2022 summer..

12.06.22 11:42 |

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