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Най-възрастният практикуващ скиор у нас Иван Раев посрещна вицепремиера Николова

Bulgaria registers 75% drop in winter tourists amidst pandemic

The number of tourists this winter season has dropped by 75% , Bulgaria's Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova announced today during a visit to Smolyan district.  Regarding the reports of restaurateurs who violated the anti-epidemic measures, she..

17.01.21 17:15 |

Mountain rescuers save injured tourists in Stara Planina

The rescue operation in the Balkan Mountains continued late in the evening as rescuers reached two severely injured tourists and brought them down the mountain on stretchers, BNT has informed. For two days, seven people were injured in the area of..

03.01.21 10:52 |

Bulgaria condemns demolition of Bulgarian monument in Ohrid

The monument on the shores of Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia, was unveiled in memory of 15 Bulgarian tourists who lost their lives on September 5, 2009 in the sinking of the Ilinden ship , BGNES reported. A "stylized drop" with intertwined 15 metal roses..

28.11.20 10:11 |

In October Bulgaria welcomed most foreign guests from Serbia, Turkey and Greece

In October 2020, a slight increase in the trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad was registered. They are 493.1 thousand, or 4.2% more than the registered trips in the same month of 2019. At the same time, the trend of a very strong decline in visits of..

27.11.20 14:15 |

Bulgaria's Bansko resort is ready for the winter season

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova has inspected accommodation and ski facilities in the winter resort of Bansko. This was announced by the Ministry of Tourism. The Minister wanted to personally make sure that the..

10.11.20 17:01 |

Start of autumn-winter season… by the sea

During the past week Bourgas welcomed the first 25 tourists from Ukraine for a combined autumn-winter holiday . As is the tradition, the tourists were welcomed with bread and honey, to the sound of authentic Bulgarian folklore instruments...

24.10.20 04:55 |

Burgas welcomes Ukrainian tourists

Tour operators in Burgas started today the autumn-winter season with 25 Ukrainian tourists. According to the plans, the seaside town will welcome two groups of tourists from Ukraine a month with four-day programs until the New Year. The first tourists..

17.10.20 15:51 |

Mostly Bulgarians have been staying in hotels since the beginning of the year

71% of those who have spent the night in Bulgarian hotels since the beginning of the year are Bulgarian citizens, according to the Unified Tourist Information System, which tracks 18,000 sites across the country. There have been over 3.8 million..

10.10.20 14:44 |

50% of foreigners pass through Bulgaria in transit

There is a drop of almost 70% percent drop in the number of visits by foreign nationals to Bulgaria in August, Bulgarian Statistical Institute data show. Substantially fewer Bulgarians have travelled abroad as well. As the epidemic..

29.09.20 12:43 |

Tourists from Romania choose September for their holidays in Bulgaria because of bargain prices

Traffic at Bulgaria’s border check points with Romania in September continues to be heavy at certain times of day. Tourists from Romania choose to spend their holidays on Bulgaria’s northern black Sea coastline because of the fine beaches and the..

13.09.20 05:15 |
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