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Bulgarians in the Komi Republic: We disseminate the Bulgarian culture

In 1967 the USSR and Bulgaria sign a contract for joint logging with the Autonomous Komi Republic. For a quarter of a century, bound by this agreement, around 100 thousand Bulgarians live, work and study in Komi. Owing to them, the republic is able to..

27.06.20 05:30 |

Guardian of Traditions 2019 award goes to woolen braids craftsman Ivan Garbacha

The year 2019 is more special for the Plovdiv-based craftsman Ivan Tonev also known as Garbacha. Because of his dedicated work to reviving and preserving the ancient tailor’s craft known as “terziystvo”, Ivan Garbacha has received the Guardian..

19.12.19 15:49 |

Jamala – mythical creature that visits Bulgarians to give joy and courage in the New Year

Each year around Ivanovden, which used to be marked on January 20, according to the old calendar, in many villages in the regions of Sofia, Rousse and Lovech a folk ritual known as Jamala is performed. It is a male feast and is part of the..

18.01.19 16:06 |

On St. Athanasius Day: “Go away, winter, so summer can come!”

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays respect to the memory of St. Athanasius the Great two times a year - on May 2 ( the day of his death) and on January 18, when his last return as Patriarch of Alexandria took place. On January 18 people traditionally..

18.01.18 12:51 |

Brooms: Beliefs and rituals, proverbs and songs

“Servant in the daytime, master at night. What is it?” The answer to this popular riddle is: the broom. The broom is regarded as a woman’s tool. With the exception of journeymen and apprentices, whose job it is to sweep the store..

17.07.16 10:00 |
“Drink rakiya brandy” reads the inscription on the bottle

The festival of bacon and rakiya brandy in Apriltsi

More than 15,000 guests from across Bulgaria visited the town of Apriltsi in the Central Balkan Range to join the festival of mulled rakiya (brandy) and the traditional Bulgarian bacon (slanina). The idea for the event emerged six years ago at the..

10.03.16 13:35 |

The spoon in folk rituals and beliefs

A common household object, the spoon in the Bulgarian traditional culture has acquired a special role in a range of rituals and occult practices.In the Bulgarian lands the spoon has been in widespread use since very ancient times. A few..

22.10.14 11:24 |

Bulgarian embroideries and their symbols

Pretty, motley and quite complex, Bulgarian embroidery is one of the highest achievements of traditional culture. Like other Bulgarian crafts, it harbours symbols and meanings, established far back in time. Most Bulgarian homes have kept to the..

13.12.11 12:30 |
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