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Ambassador Irene Maria Plank

New German ambassador to Bulgaria: We all live in the European home

Ambassador Irene Maria Plank about the priorities during her term of office, the migrant crisis and the Istanbul Convention The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Irene Maria Plank handed her credentials in January this year. In her..

08.03.23 07:25 |

Women’s lower salaries make for lower pensions

Women in Bulgaria have been hit harder by inflation because their average earnings are lower , Plamen Dimitrov, President of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria said, addressing the international women’s day national conference..

07.03.23 13:43 |

Dr. Katerina Takova is developing a product for diagnosis of coronavirus

Women in science deserve encouragement and support, especially when they have to combine the roles of a dedicated scientist, caring mother and wife. The "For Women in Science" Awards are a recognition for them. A global cosmetics..

05.12.22 12:39 |

1 out of 3 victims of domestic violence withdraws complaint out of fear

With protests in Sofia and Plovdiv, various organizations mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women today. Unofficial statistics indicate that more than 20 murders of women were committed this year as a..

25.11.22 15:46 |

The campaign #youarenotalone encourages victims of domestic violence to seek help

Five actresses with bloodied and distorted faces send a cry for help in the center of the Bulgarian capital. Entering the role of victims, they started #nesisama (you are not alone) - a campaign against domestic violence against women. Posters with their..

16.11.22 14:41 |

Protest takes place in front of the Iranian embassy in Sofia

Representatives of the Kurdish Party of Iran in Bulgaria organized a protest in front of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sofia against the tragic death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini , who was arrested in Tehran for "inappropriate clothing"..

30.09.22 17:43 |
Nurgyul Salimova

Bulgaria’s female chess players with only one victory at 9th round of chess championship in Prague

Bulgaria’s female competitors ended the 9 th round of the European chess championship in Prague with one win, two draws and three losses. Gabriela Antova was the only competitor with a prestigious victory versus Salome Melia, Georgia...

30.08.22 14:55 |
Scene from the film

Bulgarian film "Women Do Cry" selected to compete for the European Film Awards

The Bulgarian film "Women Do Cry" is among 30 films that the board of the European Film Academy chose for the academy's feature film selection for 2022, Bulgaria's National Film Centre announced.  The film by the directing duo Mina Mileva and..

21.08.22 18:05 |

Katya Zografova writes about the most remarkable women in the history of Bulgaria

In moments of crisis, when a nation is oppressed and desperate, it usually looks back to the past, to history, to find an explanation for why it has been subjected to such an ordeal. Then this nation needs t he bright memory of all those..

11.07.22 16:45 |
Deputy Prime Minister for Good Governance Kalina Konstantinova

Kalina Konstantinova: Ukrainian women are a high-risk factor for human trafficking

“116,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered Bulgaria since the start of the war and 54,000 of them have remained,” Kalina Konstantinova, Deputy Prime Minister for Good Governance said in an interview with bTV. According to her, more than 30% of..

26.03.22 13:02 |
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