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Резултати : автор Gergana Mancheva

Hydrobiologist Dr. Vesela Evtimova and her studies of tiny creatures in Antarctica

Antarctica has inspired a multitude of geographic discoveries of the past. What we call “Antarctica” is, in fact, the region covering the continent Antarctica, plus the waters and the island territories in the Southern Ocean or around 20%..

25.05.22 12:26 |

Why is Cyrillic the alphabet of peace for Bulgarians in Hamburg

The event is organized on the initiative of a group of Bulgarians in Hamburg. In this industrial center of Germany people with Bulgarian roots are united in their desire to work for their community through the Internet in a group called..

24.05.22 08:30 |

Opera basso Slavin Peev: We should hear Bulgarian works more often in concert halls

A chamber concert entitled "Bulgarian Rhapsody" featuring works by popular Bulgarian composers only, will be presented by three musicians in Plovdiv on May 16 . The concert venue is Saedinenie Hall. The occasion is the Day of Bulgarian..

16.05.22 11:39 |

St George’s Day- the feast that requires meticulous preparation and culinary skills

Together with Easter, St. George’s Day (celebrated on May 6), is the biggest spring holiday in Bulgaria. It marks the beginning of the new farming season. Each Bulgarian family celebrates St. George’s Day with joy, regardless of whether some..

06.05.22 10:05 |

Maria Petkova and her story about path to family roots and freedom found in…Parvomay

On May 1 we visit the Bulgarian town of Parvomay. The oldest historical document mentioning the settlement dates back to 1576. This southern Bulgarian town is home to a bit more than 12,000 people who have two reasons to celebrate. Labor Day is..

01.05.22 10:45 |

“Granny’s Recipes” competition aims to discover and preserve authentic recipes

A number of tasty meals are prepared in Bulgaria. Various researches and culinary books are dedicated to them. A drawing and essay competition entitled “Granny’s Recipes” aims to discover and preserve authentic recipes, handed down from..

15.04.22 15:00 |

April 7 comes with the hope that young doctors will stay in Bulgaria

It is a good time to remember all the excellent work they are doing, the good care and the never ending efforts to improve and to be top notch professionals. "The medical profession is more than a job, it is a mission, it can even be called an..

07.04.22 15:15 |

The Stara Zagora Opera lends a hand to talented Ukrainian performers

"The artist must scrutinize the future and see new worlds in the chaos," said Giuseppe Verdi, one of the most influential Italian composers of the 19 th century. And although the opera plots tell stories of sublime feelings, of man's eternal..

28.03.22 12:13 |

Bulgarian cultural and educational community center to be built in Hungary

One of the oldest and best united communities of Bulgarians abroad is in Hungary.   Most of them are descendants of gardeners who went to Central Europe at the beginning of the last century to spread their experience in growing vegetables. L..

23.03.22 10:21 |

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Microbiology with new scientific inventions to mark institute’s anniversary

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Microbiology Stefan Angelov marked its 75th anniversary. The remarkable history of this important institution goes back to the first years after World War 2. It was founded in 1947 to meet the..

20.03.22 09:00 |
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