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GERB activists hold protest at Alepu beach

Chanting the slogan "Maya out!" allies and representatives of GERB political party in Primorsko and Burgas, including the mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov, gathered at the controversial construction of a retaining wall in the Aleppu area on the Black Sea..

04.05.21 16:38 |
The Alepu construction site

Court rules construction permit in protected area Alepu is void

The administrative court in Burgas has ruled that the construction permit for the construction of Alepu Village resort complex in the protected area Alepu near Sozopol on the Black Sea is void. The court’s reasoning is that forgery of..

18.02.21 17:55 |

Dogan Saray Beach Festival civil initiative on Rosenets beach

A demonstration called “Dogan Saray (seraglio) Beach Festival” is taking place on the beach in Rosenets park  next to the mansion of the honourary chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Ahmed Dogan – one of the most influential people..

08.08.20 15:17 |
Rosenets beach and port near Burgas

Ban on free access to Rosenets Beach is illegal, prosecutor's inspection says

Inspections led by the prosecutor's office have identified numerous violations in the construction and operation of sites on the Black Sea coast.  Among the violations is a ban on citizens' access to Rosenets beach, located 15 km from Burgas . Also in..

22.07.20 17:17 |
The Alepu construction site

Construction work on Alepu beach will not be given green light: PM Borissov

As long as the Borissov cabinet is in power no permit will be issued for continuing the construction work in Alepu near Sozopol on the Black Sea, started as an earth-retaining structure, said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov his tour of the..

05.07.20 14:14 |
The controversial construction in Alepu protected area

Protest under motto "Seaside without concrete" to be held in Burgas

Citizens will go out in protest tonight in the Black Sea city of Burgas to voice their dissatisfaction with a new construction in the protected area of Alepu on the Black Sea coast. The construction is supposedly a retaining wall according to the..

12.06.20 15:46 |
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