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Rising water level stops migrants crossing Maritza River

Greek authorities have asked Bulgaria for a controlled discharge of water from the Ivaylovgrad Dam in order to prevent illegal migrants crossing the Maritza River. Greek TV stations Star and Antenna have reported of controlled rising of river..

10.03.20 17:19 |

Hundreds of refugees are heading towards Bulgaria and Greece from Turkey

Media in Turkey have reported that around midnight, nearly 300 migrants, including women and children started to make their way to the border between Bulgaria and Greece in the province of Edirne. Among them were Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis, Pakistanis..

28.02.20 11:13 |

Bulgaria and Greece sign 3 agreements

At a joint meeting of the Greek and Bulgarian governments in Alexandroupolis, agreements in the spheres of transport, investments and tourism have been signed. Cross-border railway transport is going to facilitated as a step towards full..

26.02.20 16:10 |

Evacuation of Bulgarians from Samothraki has started

Some of the Bulgarians blocked for days on the Greek island of Samothraki were transported to Alexandroupolis last night, it was reported. It is expected that on Thursday, everyone wishing to evacuate could do so via the Andros Jet ferry,..

15.08.19 10:00 |

Kiril Nikolov-Disl wins second place at Olympus Marathon in Greece

Olympus Marathon gathered the world's best runner and took them to the ancient gods' home - Olympus. This was the seventh start of the Skyrunner World Series. The track was 44-km-long, with 3200 meter of elevation difference as the highest point..

07.07.19 09:00 |

Bulgaria and Greece launch cross-border flood defence project

The start was given, at a press conference in Blagoevgrad, Southwestern Bulgaria, to a major Bulgaria-Greece project for joint coordination and reaction to the risk of flooding in the river basins of the cross-border rivers Strymon-Srtuma,..

12.06.19 12:06 |
Turning of the first sod of the IGB gas interconnector with neighboring Greece

Strategic revival of Bulgarian gas market

It has been a long time since it was so busy in the Bulgarian gas energy market, with many new projects in sight. So far everything has been going smoothly and the focus was on major government projects. In particular, the ambitions of the..

04.06.19 14:55 |

Bulgaria-Serbia gas interconnector should be operational in 2022

The gas link Bulgaria - Serbia should start operating in 2022. This was confirmed by energy ministers Temenuzhka Petkova and Aleksandar Antić after talks held in Belgrade. Construction of necessary infrastructure is key to achieving energy security..

03.06.19 15:42 |

Corinth Pipeworks to supply pipes for Greece-Bulgaria gas interconnector

Corinth Pipeworks, a part of Cenergy Holdings, has won the 58.2m-euro tender for delivery of pipes for construction of the gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Greece. The Greek pipe maker was one of the three pre-selected candidates, one..

14.05.19 11:42 |

Ministry of Interior: Bulgarian authorities in full control of border situation

Migration processes through the country are calm and predictable and the Bulgarian authorities fully control the situation at borders. This is what Bulgarian Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov said at a round table dedicated to "Protection of EU..

02.05.19 14:03 |
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