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St. Peter's Day marks start of true summer

Today, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, known among Bulgarians as Petrovden . St. Peter's birth name was Simon and he was an ordinary fisherman from Galilee. After becoming one of the first..

29.06.21 02:10 |

Saints Peter and Paul Monastery near Veliko Tarnovo and its tumultuous history

In the 12 th -14 th century in the area of the old Bulgarian capital Tarnovo many monasteries were built, which established themselves as leading spiritual and cultural centres within the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Among them was St. St. Peter and..

27.06.21 07:15 |

Craftsman Stoyan Marinov creates folk costumes for the world stages

On the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (June 29), called by Bulgarians Petrovden , we also celebrate the Day of Craftsmen. In Bulgarian lands ancient traditions related to handmade jewelry, national costumes, household items and other items..

29.06.20 07:00 |

Petrovden – favorite summer holiday in Bulgaria

Today, Orthodox Bulgarians celebrate the Day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. The day is called Petrovden by people in this country. Different in character and fate, Peter and Paul were among the greatest creators of a new civilization based on..

29.06.19 09:00 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors holy apostles Peter and Paul

On June 29 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the memory of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, disciples of Jesus Christ. The feast is known in Bulgaria as Petrovden. Saint Apostles Peter and Paul are named Preeminent, because they have labored the..

29.06.18 08:49 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church commemorates holy apostles Peter, Paul

On 29 June the Bulgarian Orthodox Church commemorates Chief Apostles Peter and Paul, zealous propagators of Christianity who underwent much suffering and persecution. In popular Christianity in Bulgaria the feast is called Petrovden. Petrovden is..

29.06.16 10:19 |

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