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Bucharest expresses disappointment at statement by Bulgarian Prime Minister Borissov

Romania responded with disappointment to Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's statement that the African swine fever in Bulgaria had been carried over by Romanian tourists. At a meeting with mayors in Pazardzhik, Borissov said the disease was brought to..

05.08.19 10:11 |

Bulgarian citizen died and four others were injured in car crash in Romania

One Bulgarian died and four others were injured after a minibus crashed on the Giurgiu - Bucharest road, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. The injured people are currently in hospital. Their condition is stable and they have no major..

26.06.19 09:52 |

Bulgarian Alexandra Nacheva with another big success in triple jump

At the U20 Athletics Championships of Romania in Pitesti, the world junior champion from last year, Bulgarian Alexandra Nacheva, achieved 14.13 meters in her first attempt at the triple jump, thus equalizing the best score in the world for her age..

24.06.19 09:45 |

PM Boyko Borissov: Accelerating reforms in Western Balkans is important for stability in region and in Europe

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has been taking part in the Meeting of EU Heads of State and Governments in Sibiu, Romania. Among the topics of the meeting are aspects of the Strategic Agenda 2019-2024. At the meeting, Borissov pointed out that..

09.05.19 18:43 |

Bulgarian police captures cocaine bundles floating near Cape Shabla

Bulgarian Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov said that in Black Sea waters near Cape Shabla, police teams captured 170 kilos of cocaine bundles in waterproof wrapping, floating just below sea level. Experts said the packages were part of a scheme for..

10.04.19 12:43 |

Bulgaria and Romania to conduct feasibility studies for third bridge over Danube

Bulgaria and Romania are assuming the commitment to carry out feasibility studies for the location of the future third bridge over the Danube, said the prime ministers of Bulgaria Boyko Borissov and of Romania Viorica Dancila after a one-to-one in..

29.03.19 15:50 |

Romanian companies want to move to Bulgaria because of changes in Romanian legislation

Some Romanian small and medium-sized companies have been considering moving their businesses to Bulgaria because of fiscal and legislative changes adopted in Romania recently. Florin Jianu, the president of the National Council of Small and..

21.01.19 18:25 |

Ion Galea: Romanian presidency of Council of EU to build on work of Bulgarian and Austrian presidencies

The Romanian presidency of the Council of the EU will build on the work of the Bulgarian and Austrian ones. This was what Romania's Ambassador Ion G alea said at a meeting he organized in Sofia on the presentation of the priorities of the..

15.01.19 19:22 |
Opening of new border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Romania

New Krushari-Dobromir border crossing point with Romania has been officially opened

The new border crossing point between Bulgaria and Romania – “Krushari-Dobromir” has been officially opened. It was built under the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013. During the official ceremony it was pointed out that..

17.12.18 16:45 |

EC presents Cooperation and Verification Mechanism reports for Romania and Bulgaria

The European Commission will today release the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism reports for Bulgaria and Romania. The papers show the progress of both countries in the sphere of judicial reforms. Last year, the Commission made 17..

13.11.18 09:45 |
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