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Russian embassy building in Sofia

Russia says “Bulgarian patriots” are protecting the Soviet monuments in Bulgaria

The Russian embassy in Sofia has sent a note of protest to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry regarding “encroachments” on Soviet monuments in the country, and has demanded that such incidents be investigated and the culprits – held to account...

18.05.23 09:11 |
Rositza Velkova

Bulgaria leaves two international banks with Russian participation

Bulgaria is withdrawing its representatives on the boards of the International Investment Bank and the International Bank for Economic Cooperation, Finance Minister Rositza Velkova told the National Assembly.  The United States imposed sanctions on..

10.05.23 13:42 |

Russia still plans to capture Bakhmut and continue offensive, Ukrainian general says

The situation on the Eastern Front is tense, but control lable , said commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, Gen. Oleksandr Syrskyi, quoted by DPA. According to him, the focus of attention is on the defense of Bakhmut and..

08.05.23 10:57 |

Ukraine repelled 50 Russian attacks overnight

Russia continues to focus its main efforts on offensive operations in the areas of Bakhmut, Avdeyevka and Marinka , the Ukrainian army's General Staff said. They said that nearly 50 Russian attacks had been repelled along the main sectors of the front..

06.05.23 10:58 |

Moscow directly blames the US for the drone attacks on the Kremlin

Russia is considering and has a wide variety of different options to respond to Kyiv's attempt to attack the Kremlin with drones, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced. He declined to give specific details. Peskov stressed that..

05.05.23 09:55 |

Ukraine denies Russian claims it was involved in drone attacks against Kremlin

Air raid alerts were heard in the night in eastern Ukraine and Kyiv . All Russian missiles and drones aimed at Kiev have been shot down, UNIAN reports. In Odessa, 12 out of 15 drones were shot down. The rest hit student dormitories...

04.05.23 10:13 |

Russian services say a Bulgarian is among those arrested in Crimea over ‘sabotage’

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said it had arrested a number of people over planning “a series of sabotage and terrorist acts” in Russian-annexed Crimea. Citizens of Russia and Ukraine were arrested, as one of them..

03.05.23 17:23 |