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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 429

Fifth vaccination phase can begin: National Vaccine Task Force The National Vaccine Task Force is of the opinion that the fifth phase of vaccination can now begin, Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev announced..

10.05.21 19:43 |

Rumen Draganov: For years, Ukrainian tourists in Bulgaria have outnumbered Russian tourists

In recent years, we have had more Ukrainian than Russian tourists. In 2020, we had 50,000 tourists from Russia and 200,000 tourists from Ukraine, Assoc. Prof. Rumen Draganov told bTV regarding the cancelled flights from Russia in May.  There are no..

10.05.21 11:18 |

Russia and Bulgaria are in a period of diplomatic opposition

"In the last two years, relations between Russia and Bulgaria can be defined as a period of diplomatic opposition," Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova told bTV. She said her country accepted Bulgaria's choice to join the EU and NATO,..

09.05.21 12:57 |

Bulgaria will not import Sputnik V, parliament decides

The MPs rejected the draft decision for the delivery of the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V. The proposal was made by BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) for Bulgaria after having collected the necessary number of votes in the previous..

07.05.21 17:12 |

Launch of gas interconnector with Greece may be delayed

There are grounds for holding negotiations with Gazprom in order for Bulgaria to receive better conditions for the purchase of natural gas, chairman of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission Ivan Ivanov said in parliament. In comparison to..

07.05.21 14:18 |

Number of tourists from Russia expected to triple

Flights from Russia to Bulgaria have not been canceled, Rumen Draganov, chairman of the Institute of Analysis and Assessments in Tourism, has told BNT. "There has been no change in expectations about the attitudes of the Russian market . We are..

07.05.21 13:48 |

NATO expresses solidarity with Bulgaria against Russia's actions

NATO allies have expressed solidarity with Bulgaria over Russia's destabilizing actions on Bulgarian territory and reiterated their full support for Bulgaria's sovereignty, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry announced. This happened on May 6 in Brussels..

06.05.21 17:15 |

Bulgaria asks Russia for assistance in investigating explosions and expels a Russian diplomat

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared another Russian diplomat a persona non grata. The news was reported by the ministry, adding that they also asked Russia to fully cooperate with the Bulgarian authorities in the..

29.04.21 14:59 |
Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva

Bulgarian authorities: We will react to each hostile action towards Bulgaria

Bulgaria will be uncompromising in the face of a threat to its national security, said outgoing Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. "Fortunately, the Russian Federation has a very serious ambassador to Bulgaria. Our trade with them is growing and it is..

29.04.21 11:24 |
Hristo Grozev

Russian agents who operated in Bulgaria and Czechia were the same people

In 2014, there were explosions at two Czech arms depots. There were two explosions in Bulgaria, as well. One took place at the military factory in Sopot. They are the work of the same people from Department 29155 of the..

20.04.21 10:46 |
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