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Kenneth Merten

US Senate confirmation hearing of ambassador-designate to Bulgaria Kenneth Merten

“Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war against Ukraine makes the US’ continued close coordination with Bulgaria all the more urgent, particularly given the country’s position along Europe’s Eastern Flank,” stated Kenneth Merten, US..

30.11.22 12:14 |

U.S companies show rising interest in the Bulgarian market

Work is underway on 18 projects with the participation of investors from the USA as the total value is over EUR 500 million. The projects will create 2,400 new jobs in Bulgaria. This is what Minister of Economy Nikola Stoyanov said at..

08.11.22 15:41 |

USA and Bulgaria deepen partnership in defence

For more than 15 years, the United States and the Republic of Bulgaria have enjoyed a robust security partnership as treaty Allies, with a shared commitment to the security of the Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean, and Black Sea regions, reads a fact..

02.11.22 08:59 |

A charity campaign in support of a school in Pernik united Bulgarians living in the USA

Bulgarians living in Chicago and originally from the town of Pernik raised $4,000 to help the 8th elementary school "Krakra Pernishki" in the town near Sofia renovate its gym so that students can play sports in winter. The funds, transferred from the US..

22.10.22 12:40 |

Bulgarian exports to the USA have grown by over 50%

In 2021, Bulgarian exports to the USA grew by over 50% and amounted to nearly USD 1 billion. This was announced by the Minister of Economy Nikola Stoyanov during the opening of the "EXPLORE U.S." International Conference.  “America is one of the..

13.10.22 18:35 |

Exhibition in Chicago of works by Bulgarian artists from USA

An exhibition by Bulgarian artists Yordan Ivanov, Kiril Manasiev and Vassilen Vasevski has opened in Chicago. Yordan Ivanov is from New Orleans, Kiril Manasiev and Vassilen Vasevski both live and work in Chicago. The audience seems to be..

10.10.22 10:55 |

Galina Dineva, USA: Politicians should show more honesty and think ‎about the good of Bulgaria

“ Voter turnout among Bulgarians in Las Vegas is much higher than in other polling stations in the USA, and I guess Canada as well," Galina Dineva, a representative of the election commission there, told Radio Bulgaria . There is no..

03.10.22 01:20 |
Polling station in Billerica, MA

Validity of ID documents proves to be an obstacle for Bulgarians in ‎USA to vote

In all polling stations in New England, voter turnout has increased compared to November, Nadia Ullman from the polling station in Billerica told Radio Bulgaria.  As of 12:00 local time in Boston, almost twice as many voters /226/ had voted compared to..

03.10.22 00:46 |

Polling stations in the US and Canada are open

Polling stations are now open everywhere in the US. In Chicago , lower voter turnout is being monitored in the eight polling stations there.  New England and Massachusetts reported higher voter turnout.  In Florida , where there were..

02.10.22 19:43 |

Balkan Developments

USA shows interest in energy projects in Serbia During his visit to the USA to participate in the annual session of the UN General Assembly, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, met with the National Security Adviser at the White House, Jake..

23.09.22 12:09 |

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