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Bulgaria receives 148 m euros from Brussels for Ukrainian refugees

The European Commission has today paid over 3.5 billion euros to EU member states intended for Ukrainian refugees, of which 148,360,870 euros are for Bulgaria , BNT reported. Payments are in advance and can be used for food, accommodation, health care,..

28.04.22 16:11 |

The evacuated sailors from Mariupol arrive in Varna

The sailors from the "Tzarevna" ship have returned to Bulgaria. They were transported back to Bulgaria onboard a government plane which landed in Varna. After disembarking at the port of Mariupol, the sailors were taken by pro-Russian separatists to..

18.04.22 13:59 |

Bulgaria expects new wave of Ukrainian refugees

Очаква се нова вълна от украински бежанци  През следващите седмици се очаква в България да пристигнат около 200 000 бежанци, информира Върховния комисариат за бежанците към ООН. Според статистиката на информационния портал „България за Украйна“,..

02.04.22 13:16 |

More than 130,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered Bulgaria

The government has extended, until 15 April, the right of foreign citizens or stateless persons, who have fled Ukraine and have entered Bulgaria, to obtain temporary protection without their express declaration of intention and registration..

30.03.22 12:21 |

Bulgarian authorities seek ways to cope with refugee flow from Ukraine

Every Ukrainian citizen who wishes to receive a protected status will have access to health care and other social services in Bulgaria. This became clear at the first briefing of the Operational Coordination Group, which plans and organizes the actions..

12.03.22 11:17 |

Ukrainian Natalia Ellis and her paradise of cacti in the Bulgarian village of Markovo

Bulgaria became a new home for Ukrainian Natalia Ellis five years ago. She arrives from the seaside city of Odessa to the picturesque village of Markovo near Bulgaria’s second-biggest city Plovdiv with her husband, a dog, three cats and..

13.11.21 10:30 |

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