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Three Bulgarians transporting 6 tons of hashish arrested near Palermo

Near Palermo, the Italian navy detained three Bulgarians who were transporting 6 tons of hashish worth 13 million euros on a yacht sailing under US flag, the Italian financial police reported, quoted by BNT. A military plane detected the..

20.06.21 15:33 |
Interim Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov

Interim Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov confirms politicians, public figures and protesters have been wiretapped

Interim Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov confirmed that politicians, public figures and participants in last year’s anti-government protests have been wiretapped . He added that he had proof which he would hand over to the next parliament. “We..

15.06.21 14:30 |

Serious incident at “Sofia Airport” metro station

A man shot a woman and committed suicide in a train of the Sofia metro. The incident took place at “Sofia Airport” metro station and the signal was received at 2:20 p.m. The teams of the Emergency and the Ministry of Interior arrived on the..

12.05.21 15:36 |

Policeman arrested for working as drug courier

An officer in the 6th police station in Sofia was detained yesterday with drugs in his car. At a briefing today, the Ministry of Interior reported that the policeman had been under surveillance for months. His arrest came after an..

16.04.21 14:48 |

Darknet trader of forged Bulgarian and U.S. identity documents arrested

After an operation in Shumen conducted by the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime, an indictment has been filed against a detainee for forging American and Bulgarian personal documents, the head of the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office,..

24.02.21 15:06 |

Acting prosecutor charged with abuse of official capacity

A Bulgarian prosecutor has been charged with abuse of official capacity. His name has not been announced by the specialized prosecutor's office. He is being investigated over the fact that on May 29, 2018, when he headed the..

26.01.21 12:40 |

60% of crime victims do not report to the police

A steady decline in crime rate since 2010 is seen in the results of an analysis of data from a national crime survey prepared by the Center for the Study of Democracy and presented in an interview with the Bulgarian National Radio. Because of the fact..

24.11.20 16:09 |

Dealers in Sofia distribute illegal drugs inside schools

Sofia police have found that drug dealers are increasingly recruiting students who sell drugs inside the schools and there are almost no dealers around the buildings. The most widely sold drugs in Sofia schools are amphetamines and marijuana. Often..

15.10.20 14:49 |
Siika Mileva

New details about criminal group of senior police officers emerge

Following a signal of extortion, an organized criminal group has been detained. It had been operating at the highest levels in the fight against drug trafficking since the beginning of 2017, the spokesperson of the Chief Prosecutor, Siika Mileva,..

28.06.20 12:38 |
 Prosecutor-General Ivan Geshev

Three suspects with charges over beating journalist Slavi Angelov, abettors still wanted

After yesterday’s police operation in Sofia against a criminal group, Prosecutor-General Ivan Geshev, said at a press conference today that three people had been charged over beating journalist Slavi Angelov last month. The major version of..

24.04.20 13:46 |
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