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Ivan Kostov

Former PM Ivan Kostov: There is high probability of political crisis before elections

High probability of a political crisis before the regular parliamentary elections in the spring of 2021 exists. This forecast has been made by Ivan Kostov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria in the period 1997-2001, in an interview with BNR. According to him,..

03.08.20 15:50 |

Bulgarians are more affected by Covid crisis than average Europeans

Bulgarians have been more severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis than the average European. 41% of people in Bulgaria have lost incomes compared to 28% in Europe. 38% had to withdraw their savings in comparison to 22% in the rest of the EU...

14.07.20 15:57 |

Bulgarian President expects economic crisis to be most severe in autumn

Analyzes show that autumn will be a hard period as in many places real unemployment will be felt then, President Rumen Radev said. The Covid-19 crisis has proved once again how necessary financial decentralization of municipalities in Bulgaria is,..

18.06.20 17:05 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 96

Record number of new Covid-19 cases in Bulgaria – 104 for 24 hours published on 6/11/20 8:30 AM For the past 24 hours, 104 out of 2308 samples have tested positive for coronavirus, data from the National Information System shows...

11.06.20 20:39 |

Industrial capital calls for legislation and plan for action in crises

The Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association /BICA/ has called for a broad and non-politicized public debate, as well as for the development of legislation and an algorithm for action in crises of the scale of Covid-19. According to the..

01.06.20 18:02 |
Boyko Borissov

In June Bulgaria will decide whether to seek international crediting

“By mid-June we shall know whether we can emerge from the crisis caused by the coronavirus by ourselves or whether we shall need the help of crediting,” said PM Boyko Borissov. The losses for the Bulgarian economy are in the lack of..

19.05.20 20:15 |

State will preserve 170,000 jobs in Covid-19 crisis

170,000 jobs can be preserved by measure 60/40, under which the state pays employers 60% of the salaries and social insurances of their staff so that they are not fired in the crisis. When asked in parliament, the Minister of Social Affairs Denitsa..

19.05.20 15:57 |

Vice President Yotova wants economic headquarters established

A permanent economic headquarters and a detailed timeline of measures that Bulgaria would take in the coming months to overcome the Covid-19 crisis is what Vice President Iliana Yotova has called for. The economic and social crisis is knocking..

18.05.20 10:45 |

TUs: 110 mediums-sized and large enterprises have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis

110 mediums-sized and large enterprises with a total staff of more than 48 , 700 have been affected by the coronavirus crisis. This is indicated by a nationwide survey conducted by the Confederation of Independent TUs in Bulgaria on 11..

11.05.20 13:53 |

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association does not agree with changes to Health Act

According to the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association, the possibility offered by the amendments to the Health Act for the Minister of Health to declare an "emergency epidemic situation" was unconstitutional. Granting the authority to an..

10.05.20 17:19 |

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