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Parvan Simeonov

Bulgarians are skeptical of media reports about the war in Ukraine

Bulgaria is one of the most Europhile societies in the EU, but also one of the most Russophile, said Parvan Simeonov from Gallup International Balkan in the discussion of the Electronic Media Council themed "Pluralism and disinformation during war"...

05.07.22 12:42 |
Bozhidar Bozhanov

The EU Digital Services Act will stop disinformation in Bulgaria

The main channel for spreading disinformation in Bulgaria is Facebook, Minister of Electronic Government Bozhidar Bojanov told the BNR . The first 24 hours are the most important, when the relevant post is gaining momentum on the web and the damage has..

05.07.22 12:07 |
Minister of e-Government Bozhidar Bozhanov

Bulgaria urges European Commission to take steps to counter fake news

“Disinformation is a systemic problem in Bulgaria, and in other East European countries,” Minister of e-Government Bozhidar Bozhanov said for public service TV BNT. In his words, the most probable source of the disinformation campaigns is Russia...

20.05.22 13:55 |

Information, disinformation, propaganda… Where does Bulgaria stand in the search for truth?

Information, disinformation, propaganda… Where does Bulgaria stand in the search for truth and in presenting facts such as they are? According to the Reporters Without Borders’ Press Freedom Index, an annual index monitoring 180..

11.05.22 11:02 |

More and more Bulgarians believe disinformation is detrimental to society

More and more Bulgarians say disinformation is detrimental to society, according to Eurobarometer’s Bulgaria country report. 73% say fake news is a problem at a national level, but also for democracy as such. People in this country trust less..

15.04.22 12:52 |

Media Literacy Index 2021: Bulgarian society among worst equipped to withstand the impact of fake news

Bulgaria occupies a place near the bottom of the media literacy index for 2021 – 30 th position out of 35 European countries, and falls into the same group as Greece (27), Romania (28), Serbia (29), Turkey (31) and Montenegro (32)...

24.03.21 11:36 |

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