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Bulgarians are skeptical of media reports about the war in Ukraine

Parvan Simeonov
Photo: BGNES

Bulgaria is one of the most Europhile societies in the EU, but also one of the most Russophile, said Parvan Simeonov from Gallup International Balkan in the discussion of the Electronic Media Council themed "Pluralism and disinformation during war".

60% of Bulgarians disapprove of Vladimir Putin's actions in Ukraine. 23.3% rather approve, and these are older people.

Bulgarians are Russophiles at heart, but Germanophiles when it comes to common sense, commented the expert. 

50.7% believe that the information in the Bulgarian media about the war in Ukraine is rather unreliable, which reflects the general skepticism of people towards the authorities in the country. The data raise concerns about the overall trust in the media environment, the sociologist summarizes.

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