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Driver apprehended in Sofia with BAC of 5.11

The police apprehended a driver in Sofia last night with the record high blood alcohol content of 5.11. The driver’s drug test also shows traces of cannabis. The man has been detained.  Traffic Police: Nearly 30% of all drivers in Sofia are..

13.07.22 15:30 |

Traffic Police: Nearly 30% of all drivers in Sofia are under the influence of intoxicants

Almost 30% of drivers in Sofia drive under the influence of intoxicants , said Commissioner Tencho Tenev, head of the traffic police in Sofia. According to him, these are young people aged between 18 and 40 who feel that they can get away with not..

07.07.22 15:16 |

Long queues of trucks at Danube Bridge near Vidin continue, international drivers furious

At the height of summer, let us take a look at the national road network, though not the thoroughfares leading to the seaside resorts in the environs of Varna but at the region of the town of Vidin. Once the capital of the Tsardom (Kingdom) of..

05.07.22 11:11 |

Drivers of heavy goods vehicles tested for narcotic drugs

A large-scale police operation is underway, involving the General Labour Inspectorate, teams from Greece, Croatia and Latvia.  Drivers of heavy goods vehicles and buses are being tested for narcotic drugs, and the validity of their documents is..

16.06.22 15:35 |

Bulgarian truck drivers detained in Ukraine

Two Bulgarian TIR truck drivers have been detained on Ukrainian territory. They are being checked for transporting Russian commodities, the Union of International Haulers has announced. The organization’s director Yordan Arabadzhiev said for the..

25.02.22 15:43 |

250 drivers from 16 countries compete in Eko 24 hours of Bulgaria karting race

The second edition of the Eko 24 hours of Bulgaria karting race will take place at the karting track in Haskovo over the two days of this weekend. The race is part of the European endurance championships. 250 drivers from 16 countries..

12.06.21 07:00 |

European Parliament adopts Mobility package regulating operation of truck drivers

The European Parliament has finally adopted the new rules for international freight transport in the EU. All proposals for changes in the Mobility package have been rejected.  Drivers are not allowed to take their regular weekly rest period in the..

09.07.20 11:13 |

Bulgaria's PM promises there will be no discrimination for Bulgarian carriers in the EU

The Prime Minister Boyko Borissov held talks with the specialized organizations in freight transport. The Bulgarian position is positive that no texts should be allowed in the Mobility I Package for the return of vehicles in the country of registration..

17.06.20 15:20 |

Bulgaria calls on EU to freeze some rules on freight transportation

Bulgaria has called on the European Commission that until 31 May truck drivers should be permitted to spend their regular weekly breaks in the driver's cabins if the vehicle allows . Bulgaria also requests the maximum hours for driving during the state..

14.04.20 17:18 |

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