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Vazrazhdane supporters demand for the resignation of the government

Supporters of the Vazrazhdane party came out in protest in front of the parliament building and the Council of Ministers to demand the resignation of the government. The protest was announced as a national, and people started gathering shortly before 12..

21.09.23 17:17 |

Government and farmers sign memorandum

A memorandum between the government and farmers was signed at the Council of Ministers . "After a false start, the important thing is that we finished successfully," said Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov joking at a briefing after the signing.  "In a..

20.09.23 18:29 |

Protesting farmers block major roads and border crossings

Bulgarian farmers started to block major roads and border crossings across the country. 26 branch organisations announced they were embarking on an indefinite nationwide protest in the agriculture sector. They claim that more than 900,000 people are..

18.09.23 15:49 |

PP-DB, GERB and MRF agree on their legislative program

The main focus of the current plenary session will be 13 draft laws related to the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, Schengen and the Eurozone, announced the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Kiril Petkov. According to him, PP-DB, GERB and MRF have..

08.09.23 11:21 |

Government maps out measures for combatting crime

Measures addressing crime were mapped out at a meeting of representatives of the Interior Ministry and the security services, convened by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov over the increasing number of serious crimes in the country. Bulgarian..

18.08.23 18:32 |
Bulgaria's Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov

Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov to answer questions from citizens and media on August 7

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov will answer questions from citizens and media  live on the Facebook page of the Council of Ministers  from 10.30  am to 11.30 am on Monday . The Q&A session is held two months after the regular..

07.08.23 06:05 |

Two-thirds of people in Sofia say inflation and prices are the most important problem: Survey

Vassil Terziev, candidate for mayor of Sofia nominated by PP/DB and Save Sofia would win 33.4% of the votes if the local election was this week , Georgi Georgiev (GERB/SDS) – 22.7%, Deyan Nikolov (Vazrazhdane) – 12%, Vanya Grigorova (Bulgarian..

28.07.23 15:57 |

Gallup: 78% of Bulgarians are against intensifying military aid to Ukraine

20.0% of Bulgarians are "for" intensifying military aid to Ukraine and 78.1% are against it. This is shown by a poll of the sociological agency "Gallup International Balkan" under its independent program, conducted in the period July 14-19 through a..

21.07.23 17:59 |

Budget 2023 puts state-funded institutions on the brink of survival

Against the backdrop of the July heat, the heated arguments about the 2023 budget continue. By July 25, when the National Assembly must finally vote on the state's financial framework, a decision must be reached on the increase of income in the budget..

17.07.23 14:40 |

Civil servants gear up for protests, demand pay rise

Employees in various government administration units are gearing up for protests in the coming week , demanding a pay rise in the 2023 budget. Social tensions are brewing at the National Social Security Institute, the Commission for Consumer Protection,..

09.07.23 17:49 |
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