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BSP National Council discusses what to do with government-forming mandate

This afternoon, the Executive Bureau of the BSP will propose to the National Council of the party two options for action regarding the obtained third and last mandate for government formation within the framework of the 47th National..

26.07.22 06:45 |
Georgi Svilenski

BSP have not said if they will try to form a government

On July 26, the National Council of the BSP will consider two options for a constitutional decision, the chairman of the parliamentary group of the party, Georgi Svilenski, said. He did not specify whether the decision is to return..

25.07.22 13:46 |

Ruling coalition to discuss issues related to third government-forming mandate

The leaders of the governing parties - "We Continue the Change", BSP and "Democratic Bulgaria" are meeting this evening at 19:00 at a coalition council. The goal is to finally discuss the governing program proposed by the BSP as the..

24.07.22 17:39 |

BSP to discuss whether they should return government-forming mandate in current situation

"The National Council of the BSP will meet at the beginning of the week to decide whether to continue the efforts to form a government or to return the mandate to the President. If we see that there is no possibility of forming a..

24.07.22 12:09 |
Rumen Radev

President Radev: BSP should fulfil the mandate in accordance with the Constitution and the Constitutional Court’s interpretative ruling

“The Bulgarian Socialist Party should fulfil the mandate (for the formation of a government – editorial note) in accordance with the Constitution and the interpretative ruling of the Constitutional Court,” President Rumen Radev stated, laconically,..

23.07.22 11:46 |

BSP ask potential partners how long they should hold government-forming mandate

BSP leader Kornelia Ninova asked the parties negotiating over forming a new government, how long she should keep the exploratory mandate and what work can be done during that time in the plenary hall. "I want a clear schedule of dates..

22.07.22 12:49 |
BSP leader Kornelia Ninova

BSP and "Democratic Bulgaria" hold talks over forming new cabinet

Negotiations of the Bulgarian Socialist Party to form a government with the third exploratory mandate given by the President continue. Having already met with "We Continue the Change" and "There is Such a People" parties, today the socialists are..

21.07.22 08:00 |
Hristo Ivanov

Democratic Bulgaria will say whether it supports a prospective cabinet once it finds out who the nomination for PM is

Democratic Bulgaria will make its decision on whether to give its support to a prospective Bulgarian Socialist Party cabinet when it finds out who the nomination for prime minister is, Hristo Ivanov, Democratic Bulgaria co-chair..

20.07.22 12:26 |

President Rumen Radev hands over third government-forming mandate

Today at 5:00 p.m., President Rumen Radev gives the third mandate for forming a government to the parliamentary group of "BSP for Bulgaria". This is the last opportunity for the 47th National Assembly to form a new cabinet. BSP have..

18.07.22 15:02 |
President Radev (R) and MRF leader Mustafa Karadayi

Presidential consultations: Movement for Rights and Freedoms insists early elections must take place but will not shirk responsibility

During the consultations organized by President Rumen Radev, the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, MRF, Mustafa Karadayi confirmed the movement’s position that what the country needs is early elections. However, he added that..

15.07.22 12:20 |

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