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National hotline launched over crisis in Ukraine

People fleeing the war in Ukraine can now ask questions about their arrival in Bulgaria using a national hotline in four languages.  Phone numbers 02/905 55 55 and +380 322 465 075 have been published in "Bulgaria for Ukraine" portal -..

14.03.22 17:53 |

Health Ministry sets up Covid vaccine and vaccination hotline

A hotline has been set up to provide the public with science-based information about the vaccines and vaccination against Covid-19: 00359 29301 445 or 02 9301 445. It is important to check the spread of SARS-CoV-2 because the virus is..

24.11.21 10:09 |
DGtech podcast - подкаст за дигитален маркетинг и нови технологии на БНР

Защо Clubhouse е забавна и полезна социална мрежа

Facebook направи Hotline, имаше слухове, че Twitter иска да купува Clubhouse , но в последствие се реши да предложи гласово туитване.  На 30 март 2021 година  Spotify  придоби  LockerRoom , приложение за групова чат комуникация,..

17.06.21 11:26 | Бизнес
Безплатна телефонна линия

New hotline opened for reporting violations related to the elections

As of March 8, a 24-hour telephone line and an e-mail for reporting signals related to the elections will start functioning, Chief Commissioner Nikolay Hadzhiev, Director of Chief Directorate of National Police.  These signals will be processed in..

08.03.21 07:15 |

Sofia municipality reopens hotline for the sick and the elderly

As of today the operations centre of Sofia municipality’s “Emergency assistance and prevention” department is reopening its hotline 02/904 13 97 for applications for the purchase and delivery of basic necessities, food and medicines for senior..

25.10.20 13:54 |

Citizens' questions about coronavirus are most often related to quarantine

Between 350 and 400 inquiries are received each day on the national telephone line 02 807 87 57 for questions related to Covid-19 . The line was opened by the Ministry of Health in February. The most common questions are related to quarantine and who is..

12.08.20 12:20 |
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