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Ivan Geshev

I won’t enter politics because I cannot lie like a Bulgarian politician, Ivan Geshev says

“The bill which envisages control of the prosecutor general is not about accountability. It has one purpose and one purpose only – to allow for the prosecutor’s office to be taken under control and to be used for reformatting political and economic..

22.04.23 16:47 |

Manol Peykov and the Bulgarian cause in Prilep - preservation of Dimitar Talev's home

Roots, family, history are the solid foundation that help us stand up in difficult times. One of the most famous Bulgarian novels "The Iron Candlestick" put into words the idea of the resurrection of human faith during hard times...

17.04.23 09:45 |
The house in Prilep that once belonged to Dimitar Talev

Calls for Bulgaria to help preserve house once belonging to writer Dimitar Talev

Dimitar Talev is one of the most unifying figures between Bulgaria and North Macedonia. We want the Bulgarian state to enter into direct negotiations with the owners of Talev’s house, to buy it and preserve it, Dimitar Panchev, who is an heir to..

21.03.23 11:21 |

"Oh, fată" de DJ Tisho și "Vocile Tradiției" este numărul 1 într-un top internațional de muzică dance, house și electronică

O melodie bulgară ocupă locul întâi într-un top internațional de muzică dance, house și electronică. Populara platformă franceză Promo Club a acordat primul loc pentru luna ianuarie 2023 remixului de club al piesei "Oh, fată", interpretat de formația..

03.02.23 10:11 |
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