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Pavlograd, 1 May 2023

Ukrainian forces counterattack in Bakhmut

In the early hours of May 1, the Ukrainian air defense shot down 15 out of 18 Russian missiles fired at Kyiv, Reuters reports . According to local authorities, there were no casualties in the Ukrainian military base after the attack. In the..

01.05.23 10:23 |

Russian forces step up offensive operations in Southern Ukraine

Ukraine’s armed forces said that Russian forces fired more than 100 missiles during another missile attack against Ukraine . According   to the   General Staff  o f Ukraine’s   Armed Forces, most missiles were shot down. The aircraft of the..

11.02.23 12:35 |

3 killed in Russian missile attack on residential building in Kramatorsk

A Russian missile hit the city of Kramatorsk in Donetsk region on Wednesday night, killing three civilians , UNIAN agency reported. According to the latest data, at least 20 people were injured. The missile struck eight residential buildings - one of..

02.02.23 09:31 |

Russia launches massive missile attack against Ukraine

An air raid alert is in place over three-quarters of the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainians have been warned to heed the signals and to promptly take cover in the air raid shelters. There are power outages in many parts of the country. 25 drones..

26.01.23 09:57 |
Citizens of Kiyv hiding in the metro during a Russian missile attack

Ukraine expecting yet another Russian missile attack

Following another massive Russian missile attack on Ukrainian civilian targets on December 5, spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat, warned that another wave of Russian missile strikes is..

06.12.22 09:28 |
President Volodymyr Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky: As long as Russia has missiles, it will continue hitting Ukraine’s critical infrastructure

"Ukrainians must prepare for a long and hard winter marked by Russian attacks," President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his nightly address. “As long as they have missiles, they will continue hitting Ukraine’s critical infrastructure”, said Zelensky..

28.11.22 09:49 |

Russian terror against civilian targets in Ukraine continues

On the morning of November 1, Russian drones struck the Ukrainian regional center of Poltava. Civilian homes were hit and a fire broke out at the site of the explosions, the head of the military administration, Dmytro Lunin..

01.11.22 09:24 |

International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect two sites in Ukraine over “dirty bomb” claims

In total, Russia has carried out 4,500 missile strikes and more than 8,000 air raids, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said. In the past two days, Ukraine has shot down 23 drones. Russia has launched dozens of missiles and drones on..

28.10.22 09:45 |

Ukrainian PM Denys Shmyhal warns of another "migration tsunami" if Russia continues attacks on civilian infrastructure

Russia has launched new strikes on Ukraine's energy infrastructure. According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, “the attacks were on a very wide scale”.  More than 1.5 million households were left without electricity . Almost a third of Ukraine’s..

23.10.22 10:40 |

Inna from Ukraine: Help us! We don’t want war, but we will protect our Ukraine until the last drop of blood

“A TV channel showed the attacks against the military unit in the town of Vinnytsia and the transportation of wounded civilians. 20 kilometers away from Kyiv, in the town of Brovary, shelling against the military unit is taking place and we can hear..

24.02.22 15:18 |
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