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Ukraine ready to increase electricity exports to the European Union

The possibilities of exporting electricity from Ukraine to the European Union and reducing the dependence of European countries on Russian energy carriers are being discussed against the backdrop of the energy crisis in Europe . Increasing electricity..

06.09.22 10:21 |

ITN want referendum asking if Bulgaria should be presidential or parliamentary republic

The leader of "There is Such a People" Slavi Trifonov said he supports a national referendum with the question "Should Bulgaria be a presidential or a parliamentary republic?". "I saw the political system from the inside -..

26.08.22 17:01 |

Administrative Court revokes declination of Environment and Water Inspectorate regarding gas extraction in Dobrich

The Supreme Administrative Court upheld the decision of the Administrative Court - Varna of January 2022, which re voked  the  declination of the Regional Inspectorate  for  Environment and Water-Varna regarding the prosecting and extraction..

05.07.22 19:30 |
Slavi Trifonov, leader of There Is Such a People party

Slavi Trifonov: Majority voting system can only be introduced with a trouble-free and stable parliament

Slavi Trifonov, leader of There Is Such a People party, criticized GERB’s intention to submit a bill in parliament for changing the electoral system from proportional representation to a majority voting system. “Why didn’t GERB endorse the..

16.04.21 18:20 |

Bulgaria’s town of Obzor to separate from Nesebar Municipality

A new municipality will be created on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. 75% of the residents of the town of Obzor and the neighboring villages Priseltsi, Panitsovo, Koznitsa, Emona, Banya and Rakovskovo voted at the local referendum on the separation of..

01.03.21 10:59 |

Petition for referendum against introduction of euro in Bulgaria collects 220,000 signatures

The Vuzrazhdane ( Revival) non-parliamentary party declared that it had collected more than 220,000 signatures on its petition for holding a referendum against the introduction of the euro in Bulgaria. There are still four days to go until..

19.07.18 12:17 |

High voter turnout in General Toshevo referendum on the extraction of natural gas

Around 1,000 more votes are needed to make today’s referendum in General Toshevo municipality valid. The referendum on the extraction of natural gas is being held in connection with the investment plan to drill 41 wells on the environs of 18 towns and..

17.12.17 16:32 |

Referendum on natural gas extraction held today in General Toshevo municipality

A referendum on the extraction of natural gas is being held today in General Toshevo municipality, in connection with the investment plan to drill  41 wells on the еenvirons of 18 towns and villages in the area. Close to 13,000 people..

17.12.17 09:34 |

Clashes erupt in Catalonia as police steps up measures to stop referendum

Clashes between police and citizens have erupted in Spain as police tried to stop the Catalan independence referendum on Sunday. More than 90 people were injured and 460 searched for medical help, media in Spain reported.  Catalan President Carles..

01.10.17 20:42 |

People in Trun municipality reject gold mining proposal in referendum

93 percent of all people who took part in the local referendum voted against With an overwhelming majority, the people from Trun municipality rejected the proposal for future gold mining in the area, indicate the results of the local..

12.06.17 11:26 |

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