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The icon of Saint Mina in the Obradovsky Monastery helps everyone who seeks its support

On the outskirts of Sofia, about 7 km northeast of the city, lies the Obradovsky Monastery. It is among the oldest known monasteries around today's Bulgarian capital and is dedicated to the holy great martyr Mina (Menas), an Egyptian warrior who died..

11.11.22 10:42 |

Museum of the Spirit opens doors in Shiroka Luka

After major renovation and restoration, the first grade school in the authentic village of Shiroka Luka in the Rhodopes has now reopened. The school, built in 1888, is now opening doors as a Museum of the Spirit, displaying artifacts, documents..

29.10.22 11:10 |

Modern information center is to open doors for visitors of the Vidin Synagogue

Construction of the tourist information center next to the synagogue in Vidin has been completed. The synagogue is currently being renovated with funds under a European project. It is expected that by the end of November 2022, the 125-year-old..

08.02.22 13:47 |

“St. Joan Letni” Chapel keeps the memory of the Pchelintsi village, now sunken in the dam waters

A tiny chapel , sheltered on a small cliff from the surrounding waters, keeps stories from the Middle Ages to the present day: about the Bulgarian soldiers “vuinutsi” on service in the Ottoman army, about the beehives called “ulishta”,..

13.11.21 09:25 |

The majestic Cathedral in Bulgaria’s coastal city Varna needs donations for repairs

In the heart of the summer Bulgarian capital Varna one can see one of the most influential buildings in the city – the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos. It is the first large church in Bulgaria built after the Liberation (1878),..

13.07.21 14:47 |

The Vidin synagogue to be restored to its former glory

The synagogue in Vidin, Northwestern Bulgaria, the second biggest in the country, will soon be restored to its former glory though not as a house of prayer but as a cultural centre. Restoration work has begun on the building which has for..

06.06.21 10:20 |

Bishop's Basilica in Plovdiv officially opens

On the occasion of the International Day for Monuments and Sites, the restored Bishop's Basilica of ancient Philippopolis or today's Plovdiv has officially opened. US Ambassador Herro Mustafa was also present at the event, which was broadcast..

18.04.21 13:28 |
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