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Bulgarian authorities take measures to limit truck congestion at the border with Romania

Increased traffic on Bulgaria's border with Turkey and Romania, about 20% a year, has forced the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Transport to introduce a plan to prevent the accumulation of trucks on the country's northern border in Ruse and..

17.08.22 15:33 |

Long queue of trucks at Danube Bridge 2

The queue of trucks waiting to cross Danube Bridge 2 near Vidin - Kalafat already exceeds 10 kilometers of length, BTA reports. Drivers are forced to wait for 16-18 hours. Crossing the bridge itself takes less than 5 minutes, while checks at the border..

04.08.22 18:37 |

Long queues of trucks at Danube Bridge near Vidin continue, international drivers furious

At the height of summer, let us take a look at the national road network, though not the thoroughfares leading to the seaside resorts in the environs of Varna but at the region of the town of Vidin. Once the capital of the Tsardom (Kingdom) of..

05.07.22 11:11 |
TRansport Minister Nikolay Sabev (C)

Bulgaria’s Transport Minister vows to deal with truck queues at border with Turkey

Truck throughput capacity at Kapitan Andreevo and Lesovo border checkpoints with Turkey will be increased within a week. This is the commitment the Bulgarian state is assuming, Minister of Transport Nikolay Sabev announced after holding..

03.06.22 15:27 |

First trucks of humanitarian aid leave Bulgaria for Ukraine

Two Bulgarian Red Cross, BRC, trucks, part of a Bulgarian humanitarian convoy, are leaving for Ukraine on 1 March. The BRC thanks the hundreds of individual and corporate donors who responded to call to support the people affected by the war..

01.03.22 12:51 |

Bulgarian truck drivers detained in Ukraine

Two Bulgarian TIR truck drivers have been detained on Ukrainian territory. They are being checked for transporting Russian commodities, the Union of International Haulers has announced. The organization’s director Yordan Arabadzhiev said for the..

25.02.22 15:43 |

Queue of trucks blocks entrance to Vidin

A huge queue of trucks blocked the entrance to Vidin this afternoon. The cars have to wait for about 40 minutes to enter the city, BNR Vidin reports. Those who want to leave the city wait for an average of half an hour. The main reason for this is..

07.10.21 19:26 |

Turkey stops at border trucks with plastic waste from Romania, Poland and Bulgaria

More than 10 trucks transporting plastic waste from Romania, Poland and Bulgaria are staying at the Lesovo border checkpoint on their way to a processing plant in Turkey. This was announced by the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment.  According to the..

22.05.21 17:17 |
Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd in Sofia

Number of cars in Sofia has doubled in 9 years

The number of registered cars in Sofia is currently 833,000 , a report given by Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova and quoted by the Dnevnik website indicates. In 2011, they were almost twice less - 462,000. Old and polluting cars, without or with eco..

08.02.21 16:50 |

No more Bulgarian trucks stranded at Dover

Bulgarian drivers had been subjected to mandatory tests for Covid-19 after which they passed through Dover and left the UK, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. According to the Bulgarian embassy in London, there are no trucks waiting in the..

27.12.20 13:09 |

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