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Important – after the first cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria

What do we need to know and how to protect ourselves?


Having already confirmed the first positive tests for the presence of COVID-19 in Bulgaria, the government of the country, in coordination with the National Crisis Headquarters, adopted additional measures to limit its spread.

Check out the more important restrictions in Bulgaria and the main recommendations of the health authorities in the country on COVID-19:

Temporary restrictions

·  All indoor cultural events are canceled throughout the country;

·  Sports events are held without audience;

·  Mass events involving children are stopped, including trips, excursions, site visits outside of schools;

·  The planned school competitions and Olympiads have been postponed;

·  Qualifications and training of teachers will not take place;

·  In the areas affected by the coronavirus, the educational process in nurseries, kindergartens, primary, secondary and higher schools has been discontinued;

·  Visits specialized social institutions and hospitals are not recommended.

Special provisions:

·  Regional health inspectorates, in conjunction with hospitals in the country, will provide a reserve of hospital beds and organize the work of medical staff

·  In kindergartens outside the affected areas, a medical examination is required upon entry;

·  Export of medical supplies is suspended;

·  The Ministry of Interior will monitor unfair commercial practices with medical supplies and personal protective equipment;

Recommendations for travelling and staying in countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus :

·  Wash your hands regularly with water and soap or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before eating, after using the toilet and after contact with animals;

·  Avoid close contact and keep a distance (minimum 1 m) of sick people, especially those with cough;

·  Avoid crowded places and mass events;

·  Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose, especially after touching surfaces, objects, etc. with your hands;

·  When sneezing and coughing, observe good respiratory hygiene;

·  If you experience high fever, cough or shortness of breath, seek medical advice immediately;

·  Before visiting a doctor, call and be sure to inform him or her if you have travelled to areas and states with COVID-19 cases, about the length of stay and any contact with patients;

·  Use a mask that covers the mouth and nose. After putting it on, avoid touching it, and after removing it, immediately discard it and wash your hands;

·  In the contagion area, avoid using public transport and contacts with other people;

·  If the symptoms of a respiratory infection occur during a flight, inform the flight crew immediately.

Regarding all issues related to the of the coronavirus "Covid-19" and its spread in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria has opened a telephone hotline  +359 2 807 87 57.

If you need any assistance in Bulgaria, please call the emergency hotline 112.

Information related to the coronavirus is published in all languages ​​of the European Union – in a special section on the European Commission's website: in EnglishSpanish,  in German, in Greek, in French and in Croatian.

In order to assist the citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria travelling abroad, up-to-date information is published daily by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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