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Bulgaria Today – July 23, 2021

published on 7/23/21 6:00 PM

Balkan Developments

published on 7/23/21 2:56 PM

Bulgaria Today – July 22, 2021

published on 7/22/21 6:41 PM

Bulgaria's coastal city Burgas to host ice cream festival

Ice cream temptations with a variety of exotic tastes, games, lots of fun and art studios will be offered to the residents and guests of the Black Sea city of Burgas by the Ice Cream Festival opening today. It starts today at 18:30 in the free access..

published on 7/22/21 7:10 AM

Bulgaria Today – July 21, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” this Wednesday you can learn the main news headlines from the country. - You can also hear the statements of the leading political leaders from the Parliamentary hall on the first day of work of the new National Assembly..

published on 7/21/21 6:31 PM

Each year 30,000 Bulgarians are diagnosed with cancer

In the past 18 months, the world has been fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and it seems that at times we have forgotten about the war on other diseases, including cancer. According to statistics, in 2020, 2.7 million people in the European..

published on 7/19/21 1:08 PM

Google encourages the upgrade of two Bulgarian projects

Projects of the non-governmental association Tuk-Tam and Zaslushai se Foundation will be supported by a special program of the internet giant Google – GIC /Google Impact Challenge/. They were selected along with 11 other organizations from 11..

published on 7/18/21 12:10 PM

Balkan Developments

From Sofia to Durres by train after 2030 From Bulgaria’s Black Sea port of Burgas, via Sofia and Skopje to the Albanian port of Durres on the Adriatic as of 2030. This idea was discussed at the first tripartite high level meeting..

published on 7/16/21 12:23 PM

Bulgarian youngsters to talk to astronauts from the International Space Station

Did you know that outer space changes our taste perceptions, and the limited movement of astronauts requires them to eat special foods for the skeletal system and precisely calculated calories per serving. What is life in outer space..

published on 7/14/21 3:19 PM

Covid-19: It will be very difficult for us to start opening up to others because we have accumulated so many fears

Lonelier, warier of emotional commitment yet longing for intimacy. The obvious effects and traumas of our isolation from one another raises a host of different questions. How long, once summer is over, are we going to be able to cling..

published on 7/14/21 12:39 PM

Rumiana Pavlova: The future government must have the courage to eradicate corruption structures

Democratic Bulgaria coalition earned the highest number of votes in the state of Massachusetts located in New England, USA. 278 people supported Democratic Bulgaria and 267 Bulgarians voted for There is Such a People party (ITN). The..

published on 7/13/21 3:59 PM

We voted for change, but what kind of change?

People in Bulgaria are still trying to find their way to change, the results of the early parliamentary election on 11 July show. That is why the question we asked all people we talked of on election day was: How must Bulgaria change after..

published on 7/12/21 1:54 PM

Petar Todorov from France: A government "at any cost" cannot produce reforms

"I voted with the clear awareness that we will never choose the perfect government, but I think that when a person has exercised their right to grass, they can then hold the new government accountable. I hope I voted for the lesser evil!” Petar..

published on 7/12/21 12:30 PM