Regional Library in Veliko Tarnovo offers home delivery of books

Human beings need not only material food and this is a well-known fact to those guardians of the written word who have taken on their mission to push us, guide us, and connect us to unknown worlds. With the end of the state of emergency in..

published on 5/24/20 6:45 AM

Growing number of volunteers join “We are counting sparrows” campaign

4,627 sparrows were counted in 497 different locations in the country during the 4 th edition of the “We are counting sparrows” campaign of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. Houses with gardens are the places..

published on 5/24/20 6:30 AM

56 photographs reveal the beauty of women from Bulgaria's Razlog

Panels made of wood and decorated with little bells and colourful intertwined threads so typical of Razlog attract the attention of passersby in the park in front of the museum of history in the small town in Pirin Mountain. Inside the panels,..

published on 5/24/20 6:00 AM

Images of Saints Cyril and Methodius on postage stamps from Africa and the Vatican

Even if it may seem incredible, it is a fact that in 2015 the Republic of Mozambique issued several postage stamps and a collector's envelope with the images of Saints Cyril and Methodius. The occasion then was 1,200 years since the birth of St...

published on 5/23/20 6:30 AM

Squirrels are most protected in Sofia’s “Izgrev” district

Squirrels are most numerous in the central part of Sofia, on the territory of “Izgrev” district. Though squirrels constantly lose parts of their natural territory, their population is sustainable and healthy, specialists say. Their..

published on 5/23/20 6:15 AM

Violence – part of online risks children face today

Milena is 16 years old girl from Sofia, studying at the Second English Language School "Thomas Jefferson". She likes math and history classes and wants to become a journalist in the future. She has taken part in various projects that promote..

published on 5/22/20 3:13 PM

25,000 vote in a poll of businessman Vasil Bozhkov on the future of Levski football club

Nearly 25,000 people voted in a 24-hour online poll of businessman Vasil Bozhkov who asked yesterday the fans of Levski PFC whether they agree that the new shareholder should be selected through an online voting. 80% of the people voted in favor and..

published on 5/21/20 10:57 AM

How life in depopulated Bulgarian villages provokes empathy

According to demographic data of the NSI, at the end of last year the number of inhabitants in 23% of   settlements in Bulgaria rangeд from 1 to 49. Veliko Tarnovo district is second in this country when it comes to the high number of..

published on 5/20/20 3:36 PM

Demand for rural properties to rise

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the agenda and lifestyles of millions of Bulgarians in recent months. It has made us more humble and caring for our loved ones and friends, but also made us search for places away from the daily dose of anxiety..

published on 5/20/20 12:31 PM

Bulgarian students improve educational system through new technologies

Teams from 28 countries participated in the competition of the high-tech giant Microsoft for innovations in education named “The next AI Guardians”. One of the six teams that reached the final scheduled for the middle of June consists of students from..

published on 5/19/20 11:57 AM