Quality of life in Bulgaria remains a relative value

For years Bulgaria has been at the bottom of the charts when it comes to quality of life in the European Union. In the past there was a period when this country was ahead of Romania but now it is last in Europe. According to Eurostat, 54% of..

published on 8/5/20 12:26 PM

Bulgarian weekend schools have applied remote learning since 2017

“The school year will begin for 382 Bulgarian weekend schools where children study their native language, culture, history and geography of Bulgaria,” said Natalia Mihalevska, head of the “Education of Bulgarians abroad and school network” directorate..

published on 8/5/20 11:27 AM

National Museum of Natural History offers 3D walk through its archives

The National Museum of Natural History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia already offers natural science lovers a virtual 3D walk through its exhibition. On an area of ​​1800 square meters one can see samples of biological and mineral..

published on 8/3/20 4:50 PM

Bulgarians most dissatisfied with their personal relationships in Europe: Eurostat

In Europe, Bulgarians are the least satisfied with their personal relationships with others. The latest Eurostat data are from 2018 based on the answers how respondents evaluate their relationship with a loved one, a relative or a friend. The EU average..

published on 8/3/20 10:58 AM

Bulgarians abroad get ready for protest relay

Protests calling for the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor in Bulgaria have a growing response abroad - both among foreign media and the Bulgarian diaspora. Bulgaria remains in the hearts of all of our compatriots, but..

published on 8/1/20 7:30 AM

Bulgarian students win medals at International Chemistry Olympiad

Bulgarian students have won medals at the prestigious International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO 2020). 240 students from 60 countries competed in the 52nd online edition . The Bulgarians won one silver and three bronze medals. The silver medal went..

published on 7/31/20 4:15 PM

Bulgarian parliament says goodbye to its old building

The Bulgarian MPs went on summer vacation until September 2. The next regular parliamentary session will start in the new plenary hall on Narodno Sabranie Square N2, Deputy Speaker Valeri Simeonov said before ringing the bell for end of the season. In..

published on 7/31/20 2:44 PM

Balkan Developments

Western Balkans countries seek way out of corona-crisis together To adopt practical measures for deepening regional economic cooperation and recovery from the economic crisis due to Covid-19 – these were the principal objectives of an..

published on 7/31/20 1:38 PM

The voices of the anti-government protests in Sofia

30 years ago Bulgarians flooded city streets and squares to demand a re-founding of their country which, at the time, had to break with totalitarianism. Now, people from all over Bulgaria are again in the streets protesting for..

published on 7/30/20 12:02 PM

Burgas on the Black Sea hosts ice cream festival

An ice cream festival opened in Burgas in the area around the city port, Burgas municipality, co-organizer of the event has announced.  From 30 July until 2 August the festival will offer visitors ice cream in all kinds of flavours and..

published on 7/30/20 10:25 AM