Balkan Developments

The Montreux Convention will not apply to the Istanbul Canal The Montreux Convention regarding the Straits will not apply to the future Istanbul Canal, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Istanbul Canal has nothing to do..

published on 4/16/21 1:24 PM

The 45th Bulgarian National Assembly starts its work

The most senior Member of Parliament Mika Zaykova opened and is presiding over the first sitting of the 45 th National Assembly. “The people sent us to this hall to affect a change that will pull the country up from the bottom of all EU lists..

updated on 4/15/21 12:26 PM

Spring carpets of tulips and violets bring colorful mood into Sofia

Despite the anti-epidemic measures and the colder weather this spring, citizens of Sofia often go for walks in streets, parks and city gardens, enjoying the sun and the trees and bushes that have slowly started to green. In April, Sofia shakes..

published on 4/14/21 12:28 PM
Veliko Tarnovo University

Romanian translator is the first to register for International Summer Seminar on Bulgarian language and culture

The translator Maria Lupescu from Bucharest is the first to submit her documents for this year's edition of the International Summer Seminar on Bulgarian Language and Culture , which will take place from July 12 to August 1 in the town of Veliko..

published on 4/13/21 7:30 PM

Bulgarian farmers and the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy-plans and expectations

The planned reform in the agricultural policy will centre on farmers. They will continue receiving financial support on a level playing field and through facilitated procedures, read future plans of the European Union’s Common Agricultural..

published on 4/13/21 4:21 PM

Gifted but underprivileged children given a chance to develop

Fourteen years ago Mihaela Stoykova and a friend decided they wanted to do something for the orphans in Burgas, setting in motion one of the biggest charity initiatives in the country. A few years later Mihaela set up the “Operation teddy bear”..

published on 4/13/21 2:37 PM

Outdoor classrooms-a breath of fresh air for Bulgaria’s education

It is again time to talk about Bulgaria’s educational system, after it became clear that as of April 12, 1 st to 4 th grade pupils are going back to school and that the rotation model of learning is to apply to upper grade students...

published on 4/12/21 3:30 PM

Bulgaria among countries which reached agreement on Covid vaccination certificates implementation criteria

Bulgaria is among the 13 EU member countries which reached agreement on 7 criteria necessary for the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination certificates, Austrian media report, as quoted by the BNR. The criteria have been submitted for..

published on 4/12/21 1:18 PM

Raina Konstantinova: I wish you success in these difficult times!

Raina Konstantinova is among the personalities who have dedicated their entire professional career to the radio medium. In recent years she was the chairman of the Public Council of the Bulgarian National Radio, and for a long time before..

published on 4/11/21 7:55 AM

Storks from the village of Banichan enjoy online popularity

In the village of Banichan, southwestern Bulgaria, also known as the "village of storks", a camera was paced several years ago to constantly monitor one of the many stork nests.  The idea came from the local community center "Izgrev - 1930" and the..

published on 4/11/21 6:35 AM