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Oasis of images, words and music under the dome of Sofia’s Largo

A triptych of light under the dome in the capital city’s Largo, preserving the feeling of past times. Academia Orphica promises such a mystical experience to the residents of the Sofia and the guests of the city. Those passing..

06.11.23 14:06 |

More than 50 cultural figures receive awards for their contribution to Bulgarian culture

Minister of Culture Krastyu Krastev will honor more than 50 cultural figures and actors with Golden Century awards and diplomas. The awards are presented for high creative results or contribution to the development and..

03.11.23 08:00 |

Cultural and creative professionals launch protest on Day of National Enlighteners

On the Day of Bulgarian National Enligheners - November 1, cultural institutions across the country symbolically close their doors in protest against low wages in the sphere of culture.  Since 2015, when the latest salary hike in the sphere took..

30.10.23 18:18 |

Employees in Bulgaria’s culture sector will go out on warning protest

On the first day of November, the Day of National Enlightenment Leaders, ‎cultural institutes across Bulgaria will once again symbolically close their doors ‎as a sign of protest. The effective protest actions are organized by the National ‎Federation..

26.10.23 13:35 |

A new education and culture centre will acquaint the public with the Jewish community and traditions

“In a place where there is no humanity: be human” goes a saying connected with the Jewish community and culture. There are no accurate data as to the number of Jews in Bulgaria, but according to the organization of Jews in Bulgaria Shalom, the Jewish..

06.10.23 13:13 |

The Union of Bulgarian Writers is the oldest writers' organization in Europe

November 16, 2023 is the official 110th anniversary of the founding of the oldest writers' organization in Europe - the Union of Bulgarian Writers. The celebration will take place in the Central Military Club in Sofia, under the..

02.10.23 15:55 |

Children's festival presents Armenian culture

Over a hundred Bulgarian participants, as well as guests from Romania, will be part of the festival of Armenian culture and traditions "Yerevan in Burgas - the children's festival" . The reason for its holding is the 32nd anniversary of the declaration..

24.09.23 07:10 |
Bulgarica Cultural Center

Bulgarians represent Bulgaria at a celebration of cultures in Chicago

Bulgarian artists living in America are presenting Bulgaria in Chicago at the international celebration of cultures - Mount Prospect Celebration of Cultures 2023. We learn about the event from the cultural center "Bulgarica", which has been operating..

26.08.23 15:29 |

Festival in Pomorie focuses on traditional handicrafts

The international organization "HomeNet Eastern Europe and Central Asia" and the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Tourism are opening a four-day tourist festival in Pomorie. "International Traditions and..

07.08.23 15:52 |

"Here And There: Between Two Shores" exhibition presents US-based Bulgarian artists

The exhibition "Here And There: Between Two Shores" will be opened on August 2 in the "Mission" gallery at the State Cultural Institute under the Minister of Foreign Affairs.   The exhibition, curated by Prof. Vasilen Vasevski, presents works by..

01.08.23 16:51 |
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