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“Sts. Cyricus and Julitta” Island near Sozopol with chance to become European cultural center

At a meeting with the French Ambassador to Bulgaria, Florence Robin, Bulgarian Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov and Vice President Iliana Yotova discussed the possibility of establishing a European Center for Culture and Arts on the island..

17.06.21 19:03 |

UNESCO Centre in Sofia announces international youth competition

On the occasion of 75 years since the establishment of UNESCO and 65 years since the accession of Bulgaria, the Regional Centre Sofia of UNESCO has announced an international youth competition "Intangible Cultural Heritage: Next Generation" . The prize..

21.05.21 15:11 |

Bulgarian Marie Vrinat-Nikolov receives Etienne Dolet Translation Prize

Marie Vrinat-Nikolov is the winner of the Etienne Dolet Translation Prize for 2021, awarded by The Sorbonne. "This is an honor for Bulgarian literature, as well," Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov wrote on Facebook. He points out that Marie..

17.05.21 18:15 |
Ivan Vazov National Theratre in Sofia

Sofia Municipality summer programmes kicks off today

Sofia Municipality has a diverse outdoor programme of cultural events lined up for the summer. The 218 events – plays, concerts, screenings, programmes for children will continue into the warm days of October. The summer programme kicks off..

16.05.21 07:05 |
Miroslav Borshosh

Miroslav Borshosh takes over as Sofia deputy mayor for culture

Miroslav Borshosh has been appointed deputy mayor of Sofia for Culture, Education, Sport and Youth Activities. Miroslav Borshosh has graduated culturology from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. He is the man behind the creation of some of..

11.05.21 12:19 |

"Marathon around Bulgarian community centres” aims to keep history alive

A quick reference in the dictionary of the meaning of the word "chitalishte” center" shows that this is a cultural institution for the dissemination of knowledge and culture, especially active during the Bulgarian National Revival period. The..

30.04.21 08:00 |

Sofia also marks 700th anniversary of Dante's death

Marking the 700th anniversary of the death of the Father of Italian Language Dante Alighieri starts in Sofia with an exhibition. It can be seen in the pedestrian part of Paris Street in the Bulgarian capital city in the next three..

25.03.21 11:34 |

Two-day international conference “Japan and the road to success” opens at Sofia University

The “Japanese Studies” department of the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski will present Japan’s road to success in popularizing its traditional and modern culture in the world. The event themed..

06.03.21 10:38 |

Young people from four continents to recite Bulgarian poetry at Christmas

Mariano from Peru dreams of being able to, one day, come and live on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Lara from Portugal wants to go to lectures at a Bulgarian university. But to be able to do that they both need to learn Bulgarian. And..

22.12.20 09:00 |

Festival for free theater promotes independent art

On Saturday, October 17, the 10th anniversary edition of the Independent Theater Festival starts in Sofia. The idea of ​​ the event is to promote independent stage art. This year its central theme will be the eternal conflict Egosystem/Ecosystem...

17.10.20 07:15 |
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