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Festival in Pomorie focuses on traditional handicrafts

The international organization "HomeNet Eastern Europe and Central Asia" and the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Tourism are opening a four-day tourist festival in Pomorie. "International Traditions and..

07.08.23 15:52 |

"Here And There: Between Two Shores" exhibition presents US-based Bulgarian artists

The exhibition "Here And There: Between Two Shores" will be opened on August 2 in the "Mission" gallery at the State Cultural Institute under the Minister of Foreign Affairs.   The exhibition, curated by Prof. Vasilen Vasevski, presents works by..

01.08.23 16:51 |

English historian and broadcaster Prof. Bettany Hughes shoots documentary series about Bulgaria

British historian Prof. Bettany Hughes, best known as the host of the popular TV show "Treasures of the World", broadcast in 120 countries, has arrived in Bulgaria. A few days ago, she visited the city of Petrich, where she filmed..

28.07.23 15:05 |

John Malkovich awarded with a honorary plaque by Bulgarian Culture Ministry

Bulgaria's Minister of Culture Krastyu Krastev has presented prominent actor John Malkovich with a honorary plaque for Contribution to the Development of Culture.   This happened at the Festival and Congress Center in Varna after the performance of..

24.07.23 09:05 |

"Travelling in the Direction of the Shadow" by Iana Boukova recommended for summer read in Europe

The Permanent Representation of Bulgaria in the EU recommends that Europeans read the novel "Travelling in the Direction of the Shadow" by Iana Boukova this summer. The proposal is within the framework of a joint initiative "Readers..

08.07.23 09:05 |

“Summer with Chinese culture in Bulgaria” kicks off on 20 June

There is a saying in China that when you appreciate your own beauty, you are capable of appreciating someone else’s. The idea of “Summer with Chinese culture in Bulgaria” is to get to know and accept one another by having fun together. The..

19.06.23 11:18 |

British Museum organises evening dedicated to Bulgaria

The British Museum in London organises an evening dedicated to Bulgaria on June 23 at 6:00 p.m. The first part of the program includes a performance by the London Bulgarian Choir and Folklore Ensemble Bulgaria - London. Although..

08.06.23 14:20 |

San Francisco State Library has opened Bulgarian section

"The first of its kind section with Bulgarian books in the Central Branch of the San Francisco State Library is now a fact!", the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Los Angeles announced in Facebook. The official opening..

05.06.23 14:30 |
In Chicago

Petya Ilieva - an ambassador of Bulgarian culture to the world

Petya Ilieva's paintings have been shown in so many countries around the world that it is easier to count the places where her works have not been exhibited yet. The talented artist has already presented the beauty of Bulgaria in..

24.05.23 05:30 |
Georgi Gospodinov and Bianca Bellová

Talented Czech writer Bianca Bellová has preserved her link to Bulgaria

Bianca Bellová is recognized as one of the most successful and widely read contemporary Czech writers and she herself is proud of her Bulgarian origin and says that every reader could detect a Bulgarian thread in her novels. Many..

17.05.23 18:40 |
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