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Oasis of images, words and music under the dome of Sofia’s Largo

Photo: BTA

A triptych of light under the dome in the capital city’s Largo, preserving the feeling of past times. Academia Orphica promises such a mystical experience to the residents of the Sofia and the guests of the city. Those passing through the area adjacent to one of the metro stations will also be encouraged to join in the happenings.

In the period November 6 – November 9, representatives of various arts will present their work and talent among the remains of the ancient Roman city of Serdica.

"Art contains architecture as an opportunity to create new worlds; that's why this is a very suitable place,” digital artist Dilyana Angelova says. “This high ceiling and glass dome stimulate the creator to build a completely new dimension that can be something like an oasis in the city. In it, people can break away from the noise of everyday life, rest and start an inner journey with the help of images, words, music."

According to the organizers, the events are interconnected and flow into each other quite naturally as the climax of the project is during the last evening.

"The first is called Day-break and will begin with the opening of the exhibition,” Dilyana Angelova says. “Twenty panels measuring 130 by 170 cm, raised two meters above the floor and created with the use of digital collage technique, will be presented. In this way, the Largo will become a kind of stage, on which a feeling for presence of the people from the image will be created among the guests of the event. Additionally, people can recognize some of the actual models who participated in the creation of the works among the evening invitees. Each of the evenings will be enriched with text and music performances.”

In her works, the artist transforms ancient Orphic concepts, bringing them closer to modern people. Presenting her art through a single word, she brakes the word on purpose.

"Day-break for me is like following steps one after another, and that's exactly why I separated the word,” Dilyana Angelova adds. “I associate the way it is written with climbing stairs, as this is actually the growth of the world view, of reflection, so that a person can reach this light step by step - both externally and internally."

The second evening - "Pilgrim of the Light" offers a poetic performance with poems by Roman Kisyov. "An artist by education with numerous exhibitions in this country and around the world, he has mastered to perfection the connections between images and words," Dilyana Angelova says about him. Therefore, the poems will be in symbiosis with the paintings. The musical accompaniment of Plamen Ivanov - flute and Elitsa Alexandrova – harp, will contribute to the atmosphere.

During the third evening, visitors will be left alone with the encoded messages in the paintings, while the last evening will be opened with a poetic performance by another master of words and images – Bistra Sirin. The final discussion "The Motherland of the Light and the Light of the Motherland" will unite all the previous topics.

"The discussion will be presented by a modern enlightener, who will remain a surprise for now", says Dilyana Angelova, for whom art is not just a professional path but also a path to self-knowledge and creation of new worlds.

English: Al. Markov

Photos: BTA, personal archive, Academia Orphica

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