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Lack of personnel and high share of people outside the work force - problems of the Bulgarian labor market

The rise in energy prices and the war in Ukraine are among the main culprits for the rising cost of living throughout Europe. But unlike western countries that take a number of measures to limit the impact of the crisis on consumers, inflation in..

17.08.22 14:31 |

Retirees account for more than 10% of Bulgaria’s armed forces personnel

Retirees account for more than 10% of the personnel of the Bulgarian armed forces. This is made clear in a written reply given by outgoing Defence Minister Dragomir Zakov to a question by Democratic Bulgaria MP Martin Dimitrov. There are 4,107..

01.08.22 12:18 |

The shortage of doctors and young specialists is becoming a national problem for Bulgaria

Hospitals in Bulgaria are experiencing severe shortage of medics in a series of medical fields. Hospital wards in small Bulgarian towns are entirely relying on working retirees, while others have been already closed due to the lack of specialists...

29.06.22 11:48 |

Businesses unwilling to take state aid

Only 8% of Bulgarian companies, mostly small ones, will receive state aid for wages under the 60:40 scheme. The remaining 92% will either cut staff, reduce salaries, and put employees on paid and unpaid leave, a study by the Bulgarian Industrial..

03.04.20 20:36 |

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