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Bulgaria wins 8 medals at the European Sumo Championship

One gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals - this is Bulgaria's achievement at the European Sumo Championship in Poland o n September 16 and 17. Eight Bulgarian sumo wrestlers took part in the competition.  The gold went to Presiyan Mihov in the..

18.09.23 16:42 |

Bulgarian Aoiyama scores second victory at the sumo tournament in Tokyo

Daniel Ivanov-Aoiyama scored a second consecutive victory at the sumo tournament in the Japanese capital Tokyo. In a bout of the sixth round the Bulgarian, who has the rank of maegashira-14, overcame maegashira-15 Chiyoshoma by the tsukidashi..

15.09.23 11:59 |

Sumo wrestler Daniel Ivanov – Aoiyama with second victory at tournament in Tokyo

In the tenth round of the sumo tournament in Tokyo, Daniel Ivanov-Aoiyama won against Mitoryū, which was Aoiyama’s second victory in a row. In the tournament, the 36-year-old sumo wrestler from Elhovo has a balance of four..

23.05.23 14:29 |

Bulgarian sumo wrestler Aoiyama with third consecutive victory in Tokyo

Bulgarian sumo wrestler Daniel Ivanov-Aoiyama won against Japanese Sadanoumi in the eighth round of the last classic tournament of the season at Tokyo's Kokugikan Arena, BGNES reports. The Bulgarian, known by the nickname "Blue Mountain", pushed his..

15.11.20 13:45 |

Daniel Ivanov-Aoiyama defeats Takekadze, continues in sumo tournament in Nagoya

Daniel Ivanov-Aoiyama continues with his winning streak at the July sumo tournament in Nagoya after winning versus maegashira Takekadze one day before the end of the tournament. This means he still has a shot at the cup, after improving his..

22.07.17 13:36 |
Daniel Ivanov-Aoiyama

Fifth victory for Aoiyama at sumo tournament in Nagoya

Bulgarian Daniel Ivanov- Aoiyama has attained his fifth victory at the sumo tournament in Nagoya, Japan.   In the 8 th round maegashira No.6 Aoiyama defeated maegashira No.2 Takarafuji. In the 9 th round the Bulgarian contestant will be..

17.07.16 13:59 |
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