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Queue of waiting trucks at Bulgarian-Romanian border

A queue of trucks that is more than 10 kilometers long blocked traffic towards the border with Romania at the Danube Bridge, BNR correspondent in Ruse reported. Over 1,600 trucks have passed through the border checkpoint for a day...

25.11.21 13:49 |

Bulgaria's Ministry of Defense plans to repair fence along the Bulgarian-Turkish border

The Bulgarian Ministry of Interior will assign to the Ministry of Defense the repair of the fence along the Bulgarian-Turkish border, for which the caretaker government allocated BGN 5 million at its last meeting, a transcript of the meeting reveals...

09.10.21 17:30 |

Queue of trucks blocks entrance to Vidin

A huge queue of trucks blocked the entrance to Vidin this afternoon. The cars have to wait for about 40 minutes to enter the city, BNR Vidin reports. Those who want to leave the city wait for an average of half an hour. The main reason for this is..

07.10.21 19:26 |

Bulgarian border police has prevented more than 480 attempts at illegal border crossing

In the last two days, Bulgaria's Border Police has stopped more than 480 migrants from crossing the Bulgarian border illegally.  According to the ministry, 268 of them tried to cross the Bulgarian-Turkish border, the rest - the Bulgarian-Greek border...

31.08.21 13:43 |

Truck drivers block Danube Bridge near Vidin

Truck drivers have blocked the Danube Bridge near Vidin, demanding that Romanian authorities carry out quicker border checks. The traffic was stopped in the afternoon as the blockade continued for an hour. For months, the queues of trucks have..

26.08.21 18:11 |
Minister of Defence Georgi Panayotov

Several hundred Bulgarian servicemen to reinforce security at Bulgarian border

"Several hundred Bulgarian servicemen will reinforce security at the Bulgarian border to prevent illegal entry into Bulgarian territory,"  Minister of Defence Georgi Panayotov told reporters at the Tsruncha training centre where he watched a..

26.08.21 15:55 |

Migration pressure at border rising

There is an increased migration pressure on the country, but it is not uncommon. This is how the caretaker Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov assessed the situation in response to a question in parliament. The Minister clarified that..

30.07.21 10:54 |

Hearing of minister of interior on migration pressure

At today's parliamentary session, Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov will be heard. He must provide information on the level of migratory pressure and illegal migration on the territory of Bulgaria during the period of the caretaker government..

30.07.21 06:05 |

Traffic congestion at main border check point with Serbia at Kalotina

Traffic towards Kalotina is temporarily restricted along Europe motorway which is under construction due to traffic congestion along the border. The restriction will be in place until traffic, which is regulated by traffic police, goes back..

19.07.21 11:59 |

Bulgarian and Romanian experts to seek solution for Danube Bridge 2 traffic

A working group with the participation of experts from Bulgaria and Romania will be looking for a solution that would help reduce the queues of trucks on "Danube Bridge 2". This is what Bulgarian Minister of Transport Georgi Todorov and his..

01.07.21 17:36 |
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