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Genetic traits of present-day Bulgarians

The Bulgarian nation is predominantly Slavic with some shared traits with the population of Northern Greece and of Northern Italy. Therefore, scientists define Bulgarians as a specific type of Slavs. This is the conclusion concerning the genetic makeup of..

13.09.11 12:06 |

Bulgaria is EU’s largest producer of herbs for ninth consecutive year

For the ninth consecutive year, Bulgaria ranks first among EU countries in the production of herbs and spices. According to Eurostat, in 2018 Bulgaria produced just over 71,000 tons of herbs and spices. This way Bulgaria produces almost twice as..

03.10.19 15:47 |

Bulgaria and Vietnam to restore bilateral cooperation

Bulgaria and Vietnam will work towards restoring active bilateral cooperation in the economy and education. Agreement on this was reached by President Rumen Radev and First Deputy Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Truong Hoa Binh..

01.10.19 16:41 |
European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

Mariya Gabriel approved for second term as European Commissioner

Bulgarian Commissioner-designate Mariya Gabriel has received unanimous approval from the European Parliament for the position of Commissioner for Innovation and Youth, said the chairman of the group of the European People's Party, Manfred Weber...

01.10.19 13:17 |

Bulgaria and Georgia sign labor migration agreement

In Tbilisi, Bulgarian Minister of Labor and Social Policy Biser Petkov and his Georgian counterpart, Ekaterine Tikaradze, signed an Agreement on Regulation of Labor Migration. The document creates additional opportunities hiring workers in..

01.10.19 12:48 |

Bulgaria's budget surplus has shrunk by half

According to the Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria's budget surplus has shrunk to 600 million euros by the end of August. A month before that, the Treasury's surplus was above 1.5 billion euros, but sharply decreased after the deal for purchasing F-16..

01.10.19 12:17 |

Princess Dana Firas of Jordan pays visit to Bulgaria

In Sofia, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has had talks with Princess Dana Firas of Jordan, who is UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and chair of the Petra National Trust - Jordan's oldest non-governmental organization for the protection and..

01.10.19 11:31 |
Stas, Kris and Yasen at the presentation of the book

Bulgaria through the eyes of twenty-one-year-old vlogger Kris Zahariev

We met Kris Zahariev to talk about his book Lost on Purpose. This is a book, as well as a photo album, a travelogue and a diary with memories and a jump back in time when the journey which changed my life began. I had no plan, but I was together..

23.09.19 08:00 |

Bulgaria's EU Commissioner has answered 17 written questions by MEPs

EU Commissioner Maria Gabriel said that if elected to be responsible for Education and Youth Policy, she would work for the introduction of a common European student’s card. Barriers to young Europeans stopping them from traveling and studying..

27.09.19 17:48 |

Record number of foreigners’ visits to Bulgaria in August 2019

The number of foreign visitors to Bulgaria rose by 3.8 percent in August compared to a year earlier. National statistics showed that the historical record set last year, when 2.240 million foreign visitors came to Bulgaria, has been broken. In..

27.09.19 15:41 |
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