"Loving Carmen" wins award in Argentina

Bulgarian documentary "Loving Carmen" by director Nayo Titzin has won the Art Direction Award at the international ARTE NON STOP FILM FESTIVAL in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the mid-19th century, Carmen, a..

Bulgarians become sensitive to repatriation of Turkish citizens

During the week Bulgarian society has been showing high interest in the repatriation of seven Turkish citizens, considered supporters of Turkish preacher Fetullah Gulen. Whether perplexed by the fact..

Musician Petar Georgiev and his guitar in Caucasus

If one day you happen to climb a remote mountain peak and hear someone play the guitar, that person would most-probably be Bulgarian musician Petar Georgiev. Petar is a professional jazz guitarist and..

The Assumption church in Uzundjovo village and the secrets that it holds

The five centuries of Ottoman domination in the Balkans have left their imprint on the way of life and customs, as well as on the architecture in many towns and villages in the country. Many of the Christian..