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Bulgaria to receive over 2 billion euros from EU budget for 2019

Bulgaria is going to receive about 2.3 billion euros from the EU budget for 2019. This became clear after the European Parliament and the Council of the EU agreed on the Union's financial framework. MEP Andrei Novakov told BNR that for Bulgaria this..

06.12.18 в 10:22 |

PM Borissov reports over 1 billion euros of budget surplus

Revenue agencies have been doing some good job, budget surplus is good, so we can end the year well with the costs made and fulfilling the plans - that's at least the situation after the first half of the year. This was what Prime Minister Boyko..

01.08.18 в 15:43 |
Vladislav Goranov

Bulgaria ready to increase its contribution to EU budget: Finance Minister Goranov

Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov stated that with a view to preserving the EU cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy, the national contributions to the Union budget may have to be increased and that Bulgaria was ready to support such a..

09.03.18 в 13:30 |

Tax Freedom Day in Bulgaria falls on 4 May 2018: Institute for Market Economics

We shall be working 4 months this year to fill up the state treasury, analysts from the Institute for Market Economics say. Every year they calculate how much Bulgarians have to pay for the services the state offers. “This year Tax Freedom..

02.01.18 в 10:49 |

Parliament rejects presidential veto on 2018 National Health Insurance Fund budget

The Bulgarian National Assembly approved the bill on the 2018 budget of the National Health Insurance Fund for 2018 for the second time, thus rejecting the presidential veto imposed on the bill. 221 MPs cast their vote, 126 of them voting “for”..

14.12.17 в 12:10 |

More growth needed to see rise in incomes: Menda Stoyanova

Wages in many sectors in Bulgaria are low and will remain low until more growth is achieved, said the Chairperson of the Budget Committee in the Bulgarian parliament Menda Stoyanova in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio. In..

05.11.17 в 10:32 |

Government adopts draft state budget for 2018

Bulgarian Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov announced that the government has adopted the draft state budget for 2018, as well as the budget forecast for the period 2018 - 2020. The good phase of the economic cycle has allowed the Cabinet to..

30.10.17 в 13:53 |

Vladislav Goranov: Minimal pension grows in two steps this year

The negotiations between GERB and the United Patriots for composing a government continue. Yesterday the two political formations agreed upon the disputed subject of increasing the minimal retirement pension, which is at the moment BGN 161...

12.04.17 в 12:48 |

Bulgaria sees 750 M fiscal surplus at end 2016

The Bulgarian Finance Ministry has reported that the balance on the consolidated fiscal program for 2016 is positive and to the tune of close to 1.5 billion leva /about 750 billion euro/. The amount corresponds to about 1.6% of the prognosticated..

26.01.17 в 13:05 |

Bulgaria ends 2016 with budget surplus for first time since 2008

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Finance announced that the balance of the Consolidated Fiscal Programme on a cash basis for 2016 is positive for the first time since 2008. The budget surplus is to the tune of EUR 768 million and will be go to the fiscal..

05.01.17 в 09:54 |
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