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Past meets future thanks to Christmas cards

"Today I am going to congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to inform you that I have received your portrait. I wish you pleasant new acquaintances in the New Year,” reads a greeting on a card from December 30, 1905. The image..

25.12.19 08:00 |

When did the first Christmas tree appear in Bulgaria?

After the liberation of the country in 1878 a process of Europeanization of Christmas and New Year rituals began in Bulgaria. The sovereigns and of the ruling class turned their ambition to one cherished goal – to make everything just as it is in..

23.12.19 09:00 |

87 percent of Bulgarians celebrate Christmas

87% of Bulgarians are going to celebrate Christmas. The rest profess other religions. 35% of the polled say Christmas is more important than New Year's and 43% think of them as equally important, according to a study conducted by Trend. 72% follow..

19.12.19 15:20 |

“Christmas weaving loom” for children and curious adults

You have to love children a lot to come up with a program like this. More than 200 workshops have already been conducted and it all started back in 2015. Quite in the spirit of modern life, children learn using their hands in order to feel..

11.12.19 16:35 |

Majority of Bulgarians to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve at home

84% of Bulgarians will celebrate Christmas at home, 11% intend to visit relatives, and just 2% are to celebrate abroad, according to data from a poll conducted by the Exacta Research Group. In comparison to the previous year, there is a 5% reduction..

21.12.18 12:15 |
Обреден хляб за Игнажден

Ritual bread-making from Day of St. Ignatius until Christmas

“A new day, a new year,” Bulgarian people used to say on Ignazhden (Day of St. Ignatius of Antioch, marked on December 20). According to folk beliefs, it is on this day when the “young year starts.” The man who first enters one’s home on..

20.12.18 14:29 |

Bulgarians to spend quarter of their salary for Christmas presents

Bulgarian households will spend up to 25% of their monthly income for gifts for Christmas and New Year, according to the 2018 Christmas Barometer survey of the Ferratum Group, conducted in 19-countries. It places Bulgaria at 4th place on planned..

06.12.18 13:35 |

Last preparations in Bethlehem for Christmas celebrations

In Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, last preparations are being made for the arrival of the thousands of Christian pilgrims expected during the Christmas holidays. Security forces of the Palestinian Authority are stationed in and around the..

24.12.17 17:47 |

When we let Saviour’s Nativity take place in our hearts, our revival as people and society will start

In the quiet Christmas night when the Christmas trees is shining and we open up our presents, we sometimes forget that our hearts are actually filled with joy because of the birth of the Savior. He brings us his greatest gifts each year –..

24.12.17 07:10 |

Holidays and books are most preferred presents in Bulgaria for Christmas

Holidays and books are the most preferred presents in Bulgaria for Christmas, an online survey held in November by the Consultancy House for Marketing Research and Analyses Progress Consult shows. 43.2% of the surveyed Bulgarians prefer a holiday for..

19.12.17 13:33 |
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