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Irina Florin: Colour Purple is my life morphed into music

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Photo: courtesy of Irina Florin

Twenty years ago Irina Florin and her melancholy voice paved the way for Bulgarian pop to music clubs and discos with the song Colour Purple. Since then many of her songs have become hits, climbing up to the top of Bulgarian radio and TV music charts. But it is their novel sound that makes them no less appreciated by the young generation of today.

This year Irina Florin is presenting her national tour Colour Purple20 years after, which ends in Sofia on 11 November in Hall no.1 of the National Palace of Culture. Irina Florin will be performing alongside musicians like: Georgi Georgiev from Ostava, Martin Stoyanov, Stefan Popov, Daniel Ostrov, Miroslav Ivanov, Sapaev quartet, guest-performers Lubo Kirov, Miro, Stanley, Dicho and the band Ostava. The hits she will be singing include Journey, The wind is sleeping, Someone calling me, Yesterday’s flowers, Why you, why now and many more of her hits through the years.

 “Colour Purple” is my life morphed into the kind of music I would like to etch into your hearts,” says Irina Florin and adds she is very excited on the eve of her last and biggest concert:

“A really emotional concert. We are all there on the stage with so much energy and dedication. And the audience are thrilled. This is the first time I had such big concerts and it was not something the public expected of me. I would be really happy to see a large audience at my concert tonight, 11 November so we can have a good time together.”

What does Irina Florin sing about?

“I sing about love. The love I have been given, the love I feel, the love I see in the people around me. That is what makes an impression on people – to be able to see it in songs like I can, The wind is sleeping and How long, which bring people to their feet when I start to sing. How long is the song I start the concerts with, and I wind up with Colour Purple.”

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