BULGARIANS ABROADOur new column “Bulgarians Abroad” is aimed at bringing you the stories of Bulgarians living near and far outside Bulgarian borders. Today, there are more than two million Bulgarians living in different corners of the globe –studying, working, raising their families and building “their own” Bulgaria far from its geographical boundaries. Their stories and the conversation with them and about them awaken a host of patriotic feelings and emotions, give rise to nostalgia and yearning for one’s homeland…

Bearing in our hearts the thought of Bulgarians and all things Bulgarian existing out there, far from our native land, the team of Radio Bulgaria is committed to go deeper into the joys and sorrows, the choices, achievements and important decisions in the lives of our compatriots all around the world.

We will be really excited if you get in touch us with, completing the stories of those people we talk about!

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Information campaign launched for parents of Bulgarian children abroad

The Ministry of Justice is launching an information campaign “Stay together” for Bulgarian children and their families abroad. The campaign is being launched because of the increasing number of times social services in the respective country..

published on 1/19/21 11:20 AM

Bulgarians in Azerbaijan keep their language, culture and customs alive

In the early 20th century, a large part of the Bulgarian community in Azerbaijan moved to Ganja, the second largest city in the country, which is a place with a rich and ancient history. "The large Bulgarian community has preserved its..

published on 1/2/21 10:55 AM

Inertia in the European integration of the Western Balkans in 2020

In early 2020, Croatia's EU presidency managed to renew its policy of integrating the Western Balkans. This happened after the acceptance of the French conditions for the negotiations to be reversible, with the candidate countries meeting..

published on 12/29/20 2:27 PM

Bulgarian children in Vienna to read books in their mother tongue in newly opened library

The first library with Bulgarian children's books will open in Vienna in the beginning of 2021 . Thus, children living in Austria’s capital will be able to feel the magic of Bulgarian fairy tales and stories and enrich..

published on 12/23/20 11:05 AM

Bulgarian school in Bern with Christmas concert online

Despite the pandemic, the Bulgarian school in Bern, Switzerland, remained open throughout the year with the exception of March . The students and their teachers even organized a Christmas concert, though without an audience, but the children’s..

published on 12/22/20 4:26 PM

Bulgarian Christmas tree shines in Chicago

In 1942, one of the largest science museums in the world, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, began the tradition of displaying Christmas trees decorated by the city’s ethnic communities. А Bulgarian Christmas tree was presented for the..

published on 12/22/20 11:01 AM

Bulgarian children in UK’s Reading in expectation of Christmas and New Year

When Victoria Vlahovska moved to Reading, UK, it turned out that the Bulgarian school that her daughter was supposed to attend to study her native language was more than an hour’s drive away. However, the Bulgarian diaspora in Reading is large,..

published on 12/21/20 12:46 PM

Each of our compatriots popularizes or homeland abroad

In 2020 Radio Bulgaria has strengthened its contacts with Bulgarians living abroad. We found out that no matter how far away they live, they all hold Bulgaria deep in their hearts. These people are mainly connected with their homeland..

published on 12/19/20 6:00 AM

We need a single national policy with regard to Bulgarians abroad: Vice President Yotova

“One of the reason for our current problems with North  Macedonia is the fact that we don’t have a national policy with regard to our compatriots abroad,” said Vice President Iliana Yotova at the last meeting for the year of the Council for Work..

published on 12/17/20 4:07 PM

On Christmas and Bulgarian traditions in the London-based home of Sabina Nedelcheva-Williams

This year, the fear of the coronavirus pandemic has held in its grip people around the world. Even in the multi-million British capital, life is no longer the same, says Bulgarian Sabina Nedelcheva-Williams. She has lived abroad for more than 20 years..

published on 12/17/20 9:10 AM