BULGARIANS ABROADOur new column “Bulgarians Abroad” is aimed at bringing you the stories of Bulgarians living near and far outside Bulgarian borders. Today, there are more than two million Bulgarians living in different corners of the globe –studying, working, raising their families and building “their own” Bulgaria far from its geographical boundaries. Their stories and the conversation with them and about them awaken a host of patriotic feelings and emotions, give rise to nostalgia and yearning for one’s homeland…

Bearing in our hearts the thought of Bulgarians and all things Bulgarian existing out there, far from our native land, the team of Radio Bulgaria is committed to go deeper into the joys and sorrows, the choices, achievements and important decisions in the lives of our compatriots all around the world.

We will be really excited if you get in touch us with, completing the stories of those people we talk about!

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Foundations of first Bulgarian school in Singapore have been laid

Bulgarian language is the link that goes from the present back through the centuries and connects us with our roots and our Bulgarian consciousness. That is why Bulgarians in faraway Singapore decided at a meeting in September 2019 to organize a..

published on 3/15/20 8:10 AM
The cultural centre of the village today

About life before and now in a "Bulgarian" village in Israel

Wars, an escape from political regimes, and the search for a better life over the years have taken many Bulgarians away from their homeland. This is also the case with the people in a "Bulgarian" village in Israel – Beit Canaan...

updated on 3/9/20 1:22 PM

Bulgarian children in Germany study their mother tongue at 38 Sunday schools

The biggest Bulgarian community abroad lives in Germany – a total of 416,000 people according to approximate Bulgarian Foreign Ministry estimates from 2019. The growing number of immigrants from Bulgaria means new Bulgarian..

published on 2/21/20 11:02 AM

Online platform helps Bulgarian expats returning to the country

An online platform presenting job vacancy notices is available to Bulgarian expats returning to the country who want to start their life over. Guide to Bulgaria also offers advice on how to obtain the papers needed, on health rights and..

published on 2/8/20 9:45 AM

About Bulgarians in Serbia and the mission of the Bulgarian newspaper “New Brotherhood”

Data from the Statistical Institute of Serbia from 2011 shows that a little over 18,000 people have identified themselves as Bulgarians in that country. The largest Bulgarian minority in Serbia is found in the eastern parts of Bulgaria’s..

published on 2/7/20 12:41 PM

Thinking of Bulgaria in far-away Argentina

Tens of thousands of Bulgarians are living and working in Argentina. The exact number is unknown, but estimates range between 50,000 and 150,000 people. Many of them have been living or were born in the South American country and some..

published on 1/23/20 4:08 PM

Social package to encourage expats living in EU to return to Bulgaria

Over the past 30 years of democratic changes many people of talent and skills have emigrated from Bulgaria in search of a better future. According to National Statistical Institute data 27,708 went to seek their fortunes in other countries..

published on 1/23/20 1:45 PM

When the Bulgarian flag flies over Lake Michigan

Twenty men danced the horo in the icy waters of Lake Michigan waving the Bulgarian flag. Another 300 watched from the shore, oblivious to the cold and the icy wind. A little before that father Gruyu Tsankov from the Saint Sophia church near..

published on 1/10/20 12:33 PM

Nearly 6,200 people received and restored Bulgarian citizenship from January to September 2019

For the first 9 months of last year, a total of 5,793 people received Bulgarian citizenship, shows data from the Commission for Acquisition of Bulgarian Citizenship with Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Yotova. According to the legal..

published on 1/4/20 8:35 AM

Bulgarian astrophysicist is following in the footsteps of Stephen Hawking

The big questions about the origin of the universe, about time travel, the existence of extraterrestrial mind and reaching other planets have always interested young scientist Deyan Mihailov. As a boy he used to spend many hours thinking..

published on 12/13/19 12:28 PM