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BULGARIANS ABROADOur new column “Bulgarians Abroad” is aimed at bringing you the stories of Bulgarians living near and far outside Bulgarian borders. Today, there are more than two million Bulgarians living in different corners of the globe –studying, working, raising their families and building “their own” Bulgaria far from its geographical boundaries. Their stories and the conversation with them and about them awaken a host of patriotic feelings and emotions, give rise to nostalgia and yearning for one’s homeland…

Bearing in our hearts the thought of Bulgarians and all things Bulgarian existing out there, far from our native land, the team of Radio Bulgaria is committed to go deeper into the joys and sorrows, the choices, achievements and important decisions in the lives of our compatriots all around the world.

We will be really excited if you get in touch us with, completing the stories of those people we talk about!

You can write to us at: radiobulgaria@bnr.bg

Rumiana Pavlova: The future government must have the courage to eradicate corruption structures

Democratic Bulgaria coalition earned the highest number of votes in the state of Massachusetts located in New England, USA. 278 people supported Democratic Bulgaria and 267 Bulgarians voted for There is Such a People party (ITN). The..

published on 7/13/21 3:59 PM

Petar Todorov from France: A government "at any cost" cannot produce reforms

"I voted with the clear awareness that we will never choose the perfect government, but I think that when a person has exercised their right to grass, they can then hold the new government accountable. I hope I voted for the lesser evil!” Petar..

published on 7/12/21 12:30 PM

Bulgarians in Scotland disappointed that voting machines not available everywhere

Election day in Scotland is also calm. In an interview with Radio Bulgaria, Bulgarian citizen Nelly Olova, who has been organizing the voting in the Bulgarian elections in Scotland for years, explains that there are two polling stations..

published on 7/11/21 10:12 PM

Bulgarians in Quebec are traditionally very active in elections

"I am proud of the Bulgarians as I see them today. I think they are trying to take their destiny into their own hands. It is by no means easy. But my deep inner feeling from the last two or three years during which I return to Bulgaria, is..

published on 7/11/21 9:18 PM

Nadezhda Stoyanova from Boston, USA: Bulgaria is part of each of us

It is very important for Bulgarians in the United States to exercise their right to vote in elections in Bulgaria. This is confirmed by the fact that at each subsequent elections the number of Bulgarian voters in the USA increases. In..

published on 7/11/21 6:53 PM

No queues formed in front of polling stations in London

General elections and football are certainly the most discussed topics among Bulgarians living in the United Kingdom today. Bulgarians in London are voting at snap Parliamentary elections again in a moment when thousands of..

updated on 7/11/21 4:28 PM

Bulgarians in Nuremberg are optimistic about the forthcoming general elections

One year after the beginning of the anti-government protests in Bulgaria and abroad, which lasted until the late autumn of 2020, our compatriots in Nuremberg have more confidence in the forthcoming early Parliamentary elections...

published on 7/7/21 12:57 PM

Bulgarians are the sixth largest EU citizens’ diaspora in England

At exactly 00.00 on 30 June, the deadline for applying for EU citizens' residency status in the United Kingdom expired. Thus, anyone who does not have British or Irish citizenship, does not have a permanent residence status (indefinite leave to..

published on 7/1/21 10:26 AM
Зденка Тодорова

Politicians only remember the Bulgarians in the Western Outlands before elections

In her new book “Towards Caribrod and about it” civil liberties campaigner Zdenka Todorova throws a bridge between past and present with the experience and the memoirs of figures who have played an important role in our history, to make..

published on 6/24/21 11:50 AM

Votes by Bulgarian diaspora add value to elections in the country

A record number of polling stations abroad – 750 - are to be set up for the upcoming elections for parliament on 11 July. Though the Bulgarian community abroad have been casting their votes in other countries for 30 years this right of theirs..

published on 6/17/21 2:35 PM