BULGARIANS ABROADOur new column “Bulgarians Abroad” is aimed at bringing you the stories of Bulgarians living near and far outside Bulgarian borders. Today, there are more than two million Bulgarians living in different corners of the globe –studying, working, raising their families and building “their own” Bulgaria far from its geographical boundaries. Their stories and the conversation with them and about them awaken a host of patriotic feelings and emotions, give rise to nostalgia and yearning for one’s homeland…

Bearing in our hearts the thought of Bulgarians and all things Bulgarian existing out there, far from our native land, the team of Radio Bulgaria is committed to go deeper into the joys and sorrows, the choices, achievements and important decisions in the lives of our compatriots all around the world.

We will be really excited if you get in touch us with, completing the stories of those people we talk about!

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Iliana Yotova

Vice-President announces initiative “Bulgaria awoken”

As a follow-up to the successful virtual forum “Naked are all people without books”, launched on 24 May, Vice-President Iliana Yotova announced the initiative  “Bulgaria awoken” .  With this initiative children, youngsters and adults from..

published on 9/29/20 1:54 PM

"To return to your native house" – a Bulgarian woman in the Czech Republic

Bulgarian Nadia Surelova-Novotna, with the artistic pseudonym Nadia Surel, has been living in the Czech Republic for 20 years. She graduated from the Arts High School in Sofia, and has been working in interior design in a small town..

published on 9/26/20 6:15 AM

Bulgarian fashion designer Mylèna Atanassova – with a reserved place in the world of haute couture

"Taste can be cultivated. Elegance is happiness”- this is how Mylèna Atanassova's path to success in the world of haute couture begins with guidelines for elegance in everything and everywhere. The Bulgarian designer and artist has been dividing..

published on 9/1/20 7:25 AM

Liltte Bulgaria in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan - the country spread out on two continents - Europe and Asia - is still obscure and wreathed in mystery for many Bulgarians. And yet, both countries have an invisible link between them – the 4,500 Bulgarians living among the 18 million..

published on 8/31/20 9:34 AM

Director Galin Stoev: Model of statehood in our country is wrong

He is a Bulgarian in France, but he is not just an actor on a foreign stage as he is actually the head of the National Theater in Toulouse. Bulgarian director Galin Stoev has been holding the prestigious position for three years now. As soon as..

published on 8/28/20 12:52 PM

Bulgarians living abroad urge EU to take a position on the situation in Bulgaria

Bulgarians living abroad who are taking part in the anti-government protests will hand a petition over to a European Commission representative in Austria this afternoon, describing the events which gave rise to the mass demonstrations..

published on 8/19/20 11:47 AM

Bulgarian in Czechia: There are problems in communication with the state

“I think of Bulgaria constantly, because I work in the bus transport sector and every day I am in contact with dozens of Bulgarians travelling from Bulgaria to Czechia. People who are desperate from their lives in Bulgaria arrive here on a..

published on 8/11/20 10:32 AM

Bulgarians abroad get ready for protest relay

Protests calling for the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor in Bulgaria have a growing response abroad - both among foreign media and the Bulgarian diaspora. Bulgaria remains in the hearts of all of our compatriots, but..

published on 8/1/20 7:30 AM

Hopes and unresolved problems of Bulgarians on Crete

A letter sent to us by the chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Crete – Peter Anastasov, has made us focus our attention on the problems of about 30,000 Bulgarians who have chosen the island of Crete as their home. In an open letter to..

published on 7/28/20 2:12 PM

Bulgarians living around the world call for rule of law in Bulgaria

Thousands of Bulgarians living abroad are in solidarity with the demands of protesting citizens in Bulgaria. Proof of this are the ongoing peaceful demonstrations being organized in different corners on the globe, an expression of..

published on 7/24/20 11:20 AM