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BULGARIANS ABROADOur new column “Bulgarians Abroad” is aimed at bringing you the stories of Bulgarians living near and far outside Bulgarian borders. Today, there are more than two million Bulgarians living in different corners of the globe –studying, working, raising their families and building “their own” Bulgaria far from its geographical boundaries. Their stories and the conversation with them and about them awaken a host of patriotic feelings and emotions, give rise to nostalgia and yearning for one’s homeland…

Bearing in our hearts the thought of Bulgarians and all things Bulgarian existing out there, far from our native land, the team of Radio Bulgaria is committed to go deeper into the joys and sorrows, the choices, achievements and important decisions in the lives of our compatriots all around the world.

We will be really excited if you get in touch us with, completing the stories of those people we talk about!

You can write to us at: radiobulgaria@bnr.bg

Miroslav Petkov – principal trumpet of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam

He has performed on some of the world's biggest stages. He says that he is not one of the most bashful musicians, but when he stands in front of his home audience, from Varna, things are different. The whole "weight" of fame and pride of playing in front..

published on 9/27/23 2:20 PM

Bulgarian ministers meet with the Bulgarian community in Washington

Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariya Gabriel, Minister of Justice Atanas Slavov and Minister of Innovation and Growth Milena Stoycheva met with members of the Bulgarian diaspora in the United States at the Bulgarian Embassy in..

published on 9/25/23 8:52 AM

Kanatitza festival in Vancouver attracts fans of Bulgarian folklore in Canada

The Bulgarian community in Vancouver, Canada, is holding the Katanitza Festival of Bulgarian folk dances and embroidery from September 21 to 24 with the participation of groups from all over North America and Canada . This is the 10th edition of the..

published on 9/21/23 9:40 AM
The Bulgarian school in Boston and Cape Cod

The Bulgarian school in Boston and Cape Cod is preparing for the first day of school

September has already started and the Bulgarian children living abroad are returning to the Saturday-Sunday Bulgarian schools, where they will accumulate knowledge of the Bulgarian language, history, culture and traditions. "We have accumulated..

published on 9/15/23 2:03 PM
Elena Antimova and the chamber orchestra of the Sunday School

Music helps the ‎children of the Bulgarian School in New Jersey learn Bulgarian

On September 10, the school bell rang to announce the start of the new ‎school year for Bulgarian children in central and northern New Jersey. The ‎doors of the Roden Krai Bulgarian School New Jersey are open to all our ‎compatriots who wish to maintain..

published on 9/11/23 2:51 PM
Bulgarica Cultural Center

Bulgarians represent Bulgaria at a celebration of cultures in Chicago

Bulgarian artists living in America are presenting Bulgaria in Chicago at the international celebration of cultures - Mount Prospect Celebration of Cultures 2023. We learn about the event from the cultural center "Bulgarica", which has been operating..

published on 8/26/23 3:29 PM

Kanatitza Festival dedicated to traditional embroidery organised in Canada

Bulgarian embroidery festival will take place in the period September 22 to 24 in Vancouver and it is organised by the Bulgarian-Canadian Society of British Columbia. The festival is called "Kanatitza" after a type of traditional symbol..

published on 8/13/23 1:28 PM

Snezhina Mecheva is the first holder of the new Ministry of Education award “Awakening”

“You are latter-day enlighteners – far from home you keep the Bulgarian spirit alive and pass it down the years.” With these words Minister of Education Prof. Galin Tsokov addressed the annual conference of the Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad...

updated on 8/4/23 1:02 PM

All things Bulgarian are in sparkling colour in the eyes of the children coming from abroad to spend their summer holidays here

Every year during the summer holidays, children from Bulgarian families living abroad come back to this country. Many of them do not speak Bulgarian and have difficulty understanding the language. Many of the families are multicultural and in them..

updated on 8/2/23 4:47 PM

“Newer time Bulgarians” or how amateur enthusiasts in London interpret classical Bulgarian works on stage

We may not know how many Bulgarians there are living in London, but they must run to tens of thousands because every time the amateur comedy company “The Bulgarians” put on a show, the hall is full. It was founded by enthusiasts, Bulgarian expats,..

published on 7/25/23 1:48 PM