Bulgaria adopts measures to save summer tourist season

Tourism is among the worst affected sectors of the Bulgarian economy amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Its restoration will take months in the best-case scenario. The complicated epidemiological and economic situation, as well as the uncertainty..

published on 4/28/20 1:28 PM

Virtual tours-tourism during COVID-19 crisis

Many museums and art galleries offer virtual tours on their internet pages during the COVID-19 crisis and the state of emergency. Thus, users can see and enjoy their rich collections of paintings and artifacts while staying at home...

published on 3/29/20 9:30 AM

Antique Tuida fortress in Sliven is in harmony with rhythm of life and needs of modern society

“On the way to the sea we spent a wonderful day in Sliven, known as the city of the hundred voivodes. One of the most interesting places we visited there was the late antique and medieval fortress Touida."- this is probably how a tourist would..

published on 3/24/20 9:45 AM

Virtual guide takes tourists to Hisarya Archaeological Museum

Hisarya is a year-round resort thanks to its climate, mineral springs and archeological sites, which are very well preserved. Here you can see the best preserved fortress wall in Europe and Roman baths, where mineral water is still flowing..

published on 3/15/20 8:35 AM

Fountain of happiness runs near village close to Sofia

Not far from the village of Bosnek located 40 km from the capital Sofia, flows a miraculous spring in whose waters many people seek healing and solace. It is also known as the Fountain of Happiness after Ottoman traveller Evliya Celebi gave it..

published on 3/7/20 9:45 AM

“The Green Heart of Bulgaria” becomes trademark of Chepelare mountain resort

Bulgaria’s mountain resort Chepelare will be presented as year-round tourist destination with its trademark “The Green Heart of Bulgaria”. The resort offers wonderful conditions for climate therapy. The main idea is that tourists should..

published on 3/1/20 7:10 AM

Agushevi Konatsi – 19th century castle with no analogue on Balkan Peninsula

Agushevi Konatsi is an exceptional ensemble of residential and farm buildings, which together form the largest family castle of the medieval type in the Rhodopes. The residence is located in the center of the village of Mogilitsa, on the banks of..

published on 2/29/20 8:25 AM

Tourism industry needs sustainable standards and products that bring tourists back to Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Black Sea and mountain resorts are preferred destinations for tourism for people from the neighboring Balkan countries, as well as from tourists from other EU member states. To keep this trend, however, changes in the attitude..

published on 2/18/20 1:52 PM

Тraditional Bulgarian culture comes to life in Zlatograd’s old town

The picturesque town of Zlatograd located amidst the beautiful Rhodope Mountain is one of the few remaining places in Bulgaria where one can still get a firs-hand experience of the traditional culture of Bulgarians and literally..

updated on 2/17/20 1:33 PM

Direct flights from Zagreb to Sofia to start during tourist season

Croatia Airlines is to launch a direct flight from Zagreb to Sofia, the business portal for monitoring world routes Routes Onlines reports. The Zagreb-Sofia flights start from May 1 and will be operated seasonally until the end of October. The flights..

published on 2/14/20 9:49 AM