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Travellers, not tourists - the new trend is gaining momentum in Bulgaria

The surge in travel following the end of the pandemic has led people to seek an alternative to the conventional idea of a holiday. The younger generations in particular are fed up with the standard trips to famous European cities or the conventional..

published on 4/9/24 7:25 AM

Google updates its navigation features with new photos from Bulgaria

Google Street View vehicles will cross Bulgaria again this year. In the coming months, they will visit over 25 cities, including Smolyan, Zlatograd, Isperih, Kardzhali and Pernik. The aim, in addition to updating the images of..

published on 4/6/24 7:50 AM

"A place of many stories" - Bulgaria's southern Black Sea coast with a new advertising clip (VIDEO)

"A place of many stories" - that's the name of the latest video which advertises the possibilities for summer recreation and entertainment on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast. The video is mainly aimed at the markets in Great Britain and Central..

published on 3/31/24 7:05 AM

Biserna Cave to open to tourists in April

Biserna Cave will be open to visitors from April 6, the Bulgarian Tourist Association has announced. Tourists will be able to visit the cave from Wednesday to Sunday, but only by prior registration which can be made on weekdays by calling 054/800765...

published on 3/28/24 6:28 PM
In the 19th century, Elena came to be known as

Elena pork leg, festival tourism, romance and pristine nature: Getting to know the town of Elena and the environs

The portion of the Balkan Range around Elena enjoys unflagging tourist interest, with visitors coming from Bulgaria and abroad. Some even choose to stay and live here, blending in with the local colour. Over the weekend the hotels in Elena and the..

updated on 3/26/24 10:47 AM

Increased interest in the Black Sea coast for the Easter holidays

Hoteliers along the seacoast are already preparing for the upcoming tourist season. There is increased interest from Bulgarian and foreign tourists (mainly from Romania) in our Black Sea coast for Easter, reported BNT. This year, the first tourists..

published on 3/24/24 12:44 PM

Forest weddings, moussaka alla Argentine, hikes for herbs....a mountain hut with a twist of Nikoleta and Uriel

The Bulgarian hut with the tastiest food, the youngest hut-owners and the most unusual experiences is located in the Rhodope Mountain and bears the fabulous name "Momchil Yunak" (The brave lad Momchil). Until some time ago, the facility owned by the..

published on 3/20/24 3:25 PM

The rafting season on Struma river near the Kresna gorge kicks off

Fans of rafting in Bulgaria are already making their first descents on the Struma River near the Kresna Gorge in Southwestern Bulgaria. The months of March, April and May are suitable for groups looking for more adrenaline, as the river is fuller and..

published on 3/20/24 8:10 AM

Bulgaria is brutally cool - see these unique examples of Brutalistic architecture

Enthusiasts behind the digital project "Bulgaria in the Palm of Your Hand" are showcasing the country's architectural heritage with a twist. Their recent video release highlights iconic structures from Bulgaria's socialist era. According..

published on 3/17/24 7:45 AM

Bulgarian resorts in the top ten for German tourists

 In 2024, Germans have placed Bulgaria in 8th place for early booking of summer holidays. After the coronavirus pandemic, there was a decline in the number of German tourists visiting Bulgarian resorts. Now, however, Germans have started to book early..

published on 3/16/24 6:50 AM