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Bulgarian National Revival figure to be canonized as Macedonian saint

The Macedonian church is to canonize hieromonk Yoakim Kurchovski , a prominent figure of Bulgaria’s National Revival Period on 22 May at Osogovo monastery in North Macedonia. He is titled “first Macedonian enlightener and teacher of Macedonians from..

published on 5/7/22 4:15 PM

It is Ramazan Bayram – a major holiday for Muslims in Bulgaria

This year, May 2 holds a special importance for Muslims in Bulgaria. Today begins the Ramazan Bayramı (Eid al-Fitr) - the three-day holiday that Muslims celebrate at the end of the special month of foregiveness known as Ramadan. The exact..

published on 5/2/22 8:25 AM

Koprivshtitsa marks the 146th anniversary since the outbreak of the April Uprising

“You must know that Europeis appalled by your methods and will kick you out of here soon. Your game is over!”- This is not a political quote from the latest new stream. These are words by Tsanko Dyustabanov – a Bulgarian revolutionary and..

published on 4/30/22 8:35 AM
Momchilovtsi village

Prayer procession on Bright Tuesday in village of Momchilovtsi

On the third day after Easter, when the Orthodox Church celebrates Bright Tuesday, a prayer procession takes place in Momchilovtsi village in the Rhodopes, known by the locals as St. Letenia.   It is unique in this part of the country and was..

published on 4/26/22 10:33 AM

Thousands of worshippers pay homage to Bachkovo monastery miraculous icon

Worshipers from all over the country accompanied the miraculous icon from Bulgaria's Bachkovo Monastery in the traditional liturgical procession to the Kluviata area , where the icon was found.  At the beginning of the 17th century, on Bright Monday,..

published on 4/25/22 1:13 PM

Bright Week has started

Easter Monday marks the beginning of the Bright Week, in which the Church glorifies the Holy Apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a time when the Resurrection of Jesus Christ brings enlightenment and hope of eternal life to all. Each of..

published on 4/25/22 6:35 AM

Resurrection of Christ opens our spiritual eyes

It is Easter again. For more than two millennia, Christ’s Resurrection has been making Christians believe in life after death. However, for the third year running, the joy of Orthodox Christians has been going hand in hand with severe trials-..

published on 4/24/22 7:00 AM

Good Friday and the meaning of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice

According to Christian belief, Good Friday is the saddest and darkest day for all followers of Jesus Christ, the day commemorating Christ’s crucifixion and death upon the cross. Jesus became the true Lamb of God that took away the sins of the..

published on 4/22/22 7:35 AM
Prof. Plamen Pavlov

Historian proposes April 20 to become Bulgaria's national holiday

A written proposal has been sent to the Bulgarian Parliament to include April 20 as an official holiday in Bulgaria's national calendar, historian Prof. Plamen Pavlov told BNR. "The letter does not come from me alone, it comes from the Vasil..

published on 4/20/22 2:24 PM

Bulgarians mark the great Christian holiday Palm Sunday

The earth awakens from hibernation, the sun smiles at us and the variety of flowers begins to accompany us in our daily lives. In such a pastoral picture of life comes one of the most favourite holidays of Bulgarians - Palm Sunday, known in Bulgaria..

published on 4/17/22 7:00 AM