The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Sunday of Saint Thomas

The last day of the Holy Week after the Resurrection of Christ is called St. Thomas Sunday. The memory of the Apostle Thomas is honoured - one of the 12 disciples of Christ, known by his nickname the Unfaithful. One of the emblematic..

published on 5/9/21 5:30 AM
Monument to Colonel Konstantin Kavarnaliev

Skopje hinders the restoration of Bulgarian military monuments

We want to erect military monuments on the territory of North Macedonia, but the talks are difficult, said Ivo Antonov from the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence for the Horizon program of the Bulgarian National Radio. The problems are not due to Bulgaria's..

published on 5/6/21 12:49 PM

St. George's Day beyond the festive table and the military parades

Today, Bulgaria celebrates St. George’s Day! May 6 is also the Day of Bravery and the Day of the Bulgarian Army. The day gives the start of the farming cycle, which ends on St. Demetrius Day (October 26). In Bulgarian folk beliefs, St. George is..

published on 5/6/21 5:00 AM

More about generals’ courage and ideals in post-Liberation Bulgaria

In order to eliminate the unjust fragmentation of Bulgaria after the Berlin Treaty of 1878, Bulgaria fought in four wars for national unification. Later, placed under Soviet command, it joined the final stages of World War II. Many Bulgarian..

published on 5/5/21 4:55 PM

On Holy Tuesday the Orthodox Church pays homage to the Theotokos

The Orthodox Church celebrates Holy Tuesday today. On this day the Holy Mother of God is honoured. This is the second day of the Holy Week in which the saints are blessed. It is called so because it is believed that the Resurrection of Christ brings..

published on 5/4/21 12:04 PM

God exalted human nature and endowed it with eternity

Today, Christians greet each other with "Christ is risen," carrying in their hearts the great joy that the Savior, by His sacrifice, has shown them the way to eternal life. Because suffering transformed into hope can conquer death itself. "Our Lord..

published on 5/2/21 6:00 AM
Priest Vasily Saryan of the Transfiguration Church in Sofia

Good Friday – a day for innersoul-searching and acceptance of unconditional love

"Forgive them, Lord, because they do not know what they are doing!" – with these words Jesus Christ gives forgiveness to his tormentors, redeeming the sins of mankind with His Crucifixion. Instead of a curse, he offers a sincere prayer..

published on 4/30/21 6:05 AM

Today is Palm Sunday!

A popular day in this country, Palm Sunday always falls on the Sunday after St. Lazarus Day and after Easter. All people named after flowers celebrate it as their name day – from the traditional Tsvetan, Tsvetanka, Nevena, Temenuzhka,..

published on 4/25/21 7:00 AM

145th anniversary of April Uprising

The 145th anniversary of the outbreak of the April Uprising is being marked with various events throughout the country. The uprising started prematurely on April 20, 1876 in the town of Koprivshtitsa. 145 years later,..

published on 4/20/21 11:43 AM

Bishop's Basilica in Plovdiv officially opens

On the occasion of the International Day for Monuments and Sites, the restored Bishop's Basilica of ancient Philippopolis or today's Plovdiv has officially opened. US Ambassador Herro Mustafa was also present at the event, which was broadcast..

updated on 4/18/21 1:28 PM