The world through the eyes of Bulgarian travelers of the early 20th century

What the world looked like through the eyes of our ancestors, who lived more than 100 years ago? A travelogue collection from the beginning of the 20 th century answers this question. The anthology “Bulgarians traveling the world in the early..

published on 11/15/20 5:55 AM

Christmas Fast - a time to purify our souls and fill our hearts with love

The Christmas or Nativity Lent begins, which according to Christian tradition lasts 40 days, start today. Along with abstaining from food of animal origin, Christian fasting also means abstaining from bad and sinful thoughts, words and deeds...

published on 11/15/20 5:00 AM
The earliest depiction of the results of Plague in Europe from 1349. People carrying coffins in Belgium

First quarantine centers in Bulgaria were established because of cholera in 19th century

Plague, smallpox, typhus, tuberculosis, and cholera… Spanish flu came later and nowadays - coronavirus. The epidemics in Bulgarian lands can have devastating force. They not only affect demographics, but change the course of history. Such was the..

published on 11/13/20 1:55 PM

Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks day of Saint Mina, protector of families and travellers

On November 11, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church commemorates the feast of the Holy Great Martyr Mina (Saint Menas), considered the patron saint of the family and guardian of orphans and the homeless . Believers pray to St. Mina for the health and..

published on 11/11/20 6:10 AM

Why free speech still remains an unfulfilled dream for Bulgarian democracy

In Bulgaria, the date of November 10, 1989 is perceived as the beginning of the transition from Socialism to democracy. Three decades of slow readjustment of Bulgarian society followed. However, the initial joy and hope for a better life..

published on 11/10/20 5:15 PM

Saint Archangel Michael's Day - a celebration of good, light and justice

On November 8, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours the Seven Archangels - these are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Salathiel, Yehudiil, and Barachiel, the heavenly warriors of light and justice. In Bulgarian beliefs, the eldest of all angels..

published on 11/8/20 6:05 AM

It is the Archangel's All Souls’ Day

Today is Archangel's All Souls’ Day - the third in the Orthodox Church calendar. The days for venerating the dead are always on a Sunday - reminiscent of the day before the Resurrection of Christ. According to church rules, the days for..

published on 11/7/20 5:35 AM

Mouthless mask and a mass grave – Saltworks near Provadia reveal their secrets

This year's archaeological season at the oldest salt mining center in Europe, which dates back to the 5 - 4 th   millennium BC and became the first prehistoric town on the continent, is now over. The site is located near the present town of..

published on 11/1/20 9:50 AM

Bulgarians bow to enlighteners of public consciousness

The first national enlighteners instilled in people’s hearts the thirst for knowledge and the urge for freedom and with their enlightening mission helped in realizing the national ideal. In today's uncertain world, we again need individuals to..

published on 11/1/20 6:00 AM

Little-known "History of Bulgaria" by Blasius Kleiner is back on the book market

For the first time the book of the Franciscan monk Blasius Kleiner, dedicated to the Bulgarian history, was published in Bulgaria in 1977. The monk's manuscript had spent a long time in oblivion in the archives of the Franciscans in Budapest.  It was..

published on 10/28/20 8:28 PM