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The archaeological pearls of the Eastern Rhodopes will be presented in the European ‎Parliament

On June 1, in the European Parliament, Bulgaria will present its archaeological and ‎cultural masterpiece - the ancient and medieval rock city of Perperikon. ‎ For a quarter of a century, the fortress was studied by Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov. For Radio..

published on 5/31/23 1:28 PM

Irene Velichkova-Yamami lives in Japan, but does not stop ‎embroidering... Bulgaria

The name of the Bulgarian Irenе Velichkova-Yamami is mostly associated with ‎her long-term research on embroidery , which has been perfected over the ‎centuries and has turned from a widespread craft in the past into a valuable art ‎form in the present..

published on 5/29/23 12:54 PM

The oldest Cyrillic inscription in the world dating back to 921‎ is found in Bulgaria

High above the road near the village of Krepcha in the region of the town of Targovishte, one can stop and see a rock-‎hewn monastery. Founded in the 9th-10th century, it is one of the earliest rock ‎dwellings on the territory of Bulgaria . It was..

published on 5/24/23 9:56 AM

Bulgaria celebrates 1160th anniversary of creation of the Glagolitic script

In the middle of the 9th century, the Bulgarian state covered a large part of the Balkan Peninsula and paganism still dominated it. The task of adopting Christianity, which had already become established in Europe, went to Knyaz..

published on 5/24/23 9:10 AM

We celebrate the Saints Constantine and Helena

Roman emperor Constantine the Great (AD 306 to 337) introduced the Christian religion as official in the Byzantine Empire. His mother, Helena, discovered the cross on which the Savior was crucified and built several monasteries in the Holy Land. The..

published on 5/21/23 6:55 AM
Father Paolo Cortesi leads the Sunday liturgy

Catholics and Orthodox Christians have been living together for centuries in Bulgaria’s Belene

Belene is a small town on the Bulgarian bank of the Danube, associated by most Bulgarians with the concentration camp on the island of Persin , where without trial or sentence, people labeled as enemies of the communist regime were..

published on 5/17/23 3:20 PM

‎"The National Museum marks 130 years" - a new look "behind the scenes" of the ‎first ethnographic museum in Bulgaria

The idea of creating a museum to preserve the history of Bulgaria excited the ‎minds and hearts of prominent Bulgarian National Revival figures even before ‎the Liberation of the Bulgaria from the Ottoman Domination (1878). It was ‎realized in 1892, when..

published on 5/15/23 1:10 PM

National Museum of History celebrates its 50th anniversary

The National Museum of History celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, a special exhibition entitled "50 by 50" was unveiled in the presence of Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Iotova and many official guests. The exhibition..

published on 5/14/23 12:09 PM

Bulgaria honors the memory of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Cyril and Methodius

On May 11, Bulgarians in the country and abroad honor the memory of the H oly Equal-to-the-Apostles and Educators Cyril and Methodius with a number of events. The Thessalonian brothers enlightened the Slavic peoples by creating the..

published on 5/11/23 9:10 AM
 The Bulgarian Patriarchate

70 years since the reinstatement of the Bulgarian Patriarchate

On 10 May, 1953, the third ecclesiastical and national council in Sofia declared the Bulgarian Orthodox church a Patriarchate - from an Exarchate.  The Metropolitan Bishop of Plovdiv Cyril was elected patriarch after a 560-year break. In the..

published on 5/10/23 8:59 AM