Donka Paprikova who dedicated her life to charity

Taught since the most fragile age to look at the world through compassionate eyes, Donka Paprikova was giving solace and comfort to the sick, lonely and desperate people to the end of her days. And after the fall of communism, she revived the..

published on 12/24/20 7:30 AM

Rositsa Dimitrova: Snapshot taker, moon stalker, star chaser

That is how Rositsa Dimitrova - travel blogger, photographer and… dreamer – describes herself. Her blog was awarded this year’s Ministry of Tourism prize in the “Internet blog” category for her article “43 Perfect Ideas for Day Trips from..

published on 12/15/20 1:57 PM

Mountain climber Atanas Skatov wins international peace prize

At an official ceremony in Sofia, Atanas Skatov was awarded the Torch-Bearer Prize by the organizers of the world famous international relay Peace Run. Skatov dedicated his achievements to environmental protection, to life in peace and..

published on 12/5/20 7:05 AM

Writer Yana Borissova releases Wonderful Summer Night debut novel

Yana Borissova's works have been enjoying huge popularity in Belgium, France, Serbia, Russia, Argentina, the USA, Italy and Germany. In 2008 the French Ministry of Culture, together with Editions Théâtrales, Тheatre Odeon and Avignon Theatre..

published on 11/30/20 3:44 PM

Bulgarian Nora Mihaylova opens doors between different cultures

Being the wife of a diplomat is not an easy task. To some extent, this is both a vocation and a mission in making the connection between different cultures. This is how Nora Mihaylova sees her role, as in addition to representing Bulgaria..

published on 11/21/20 8:55 AM

Tsvetana Videva – the countess of Bulgarian ceramics

Years ago, during excavations near the Eneolithic temple complex Dolnoslav at the foot of the Rhodope Mountain, Tsvetana Videva came across ceramic vessels dating to six millennia ago. The artefacts were not only beautiful, but radiated energy..

published on 11/14/20 6:05 AM

Protoiereus Seraphim Yanev: Enlighteners help us find our way to eternity

In a world of worldly possessions, high offices, of flatterers who are the first to look away when the wheel has turned, we tend to forget the spirit. But there are shepherds among us with the mission of saving the lost souls and showing them..

published on 11/1/20 7:00 AM

Vasko Vassilev at 50

Having started his career at the age of 10 as a child prodigy, Vasko Vassilev is now one of the most charismatic performers on stage, his concerts invariably bringing in large audiences. On his 50 th birthday, 14 October, the renowned..

published on 10/14/20 2:28 PM

A Bulgarian woman in London tells her story

A growing number of Bulgarians have been leaving Bulgaria to live in other countries – temporarily or for good. Seventeen years ago this was a choice made by poetess Tatyana Daskalova from Rousse. She travelled to Great..

published on 10/13/20 10:53 AM
Tanya Kostova

Bulgarian community in San Fransisco keeps native traditions alive

The success of every patriotic deed undertaken by Tanya Kostova is due to a simple rule. Nothing happens and is done at all cost. That is probably why our compatriot who lives in remote America avoids using the word “must”. This work style..

published on 10/7/20 5:05 AM