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Miro feat Maria Ilieva- "If tomorrow there is no today"

Two of Bulgaria’s biggest pop stars - Miro and Maria Ilieva - recorded their first song together. It is entitled "If tomorrow there is no today". Miro and Maria Ilieva say that the creation of the song happened quite naturally and in just a few..

published on 11/29/23 6:05 AM

DW highlights Bulgarian percussionst Vivi Vassileva

Meet the rising star of percussion music -  Vivi Vassileva . Thus begins Deutsche Welle's short video story about the 29-year-old Bulgarian woman who, at the beginning of the year, became the first percussionist to be awarded the prestigious award named..

published on 11/25/23 11:05 AM

Konkurent pack rock hits and new tracks into tenth album The Hard Way

Rock band Konkurent have released their tenth album. Entitled The Hard Way , the disc contains 11 studio tracks and 3 bonus live performances of the band's iconic songs Give Me Time, Mom and A Dream Come True. The band's latest singles are also..

published on 11/24/23 8:25 AM

Live in Sofia: "Disco Diva" Samantha Fox

UK disco star Samantha Fox is visiting Bulgaria to take part in the "Disco Divas" show at a club in Sofia. She will be performing her greatest hits and some new tunes from her forthcoming album. Before her, popular Bulgarian pop singer Irina Florin and..

published on 11/24/23 7:10 AM

New song and a concert kick start national tour of B.T.R.

A new single and a concert mark the beginning of the national tour of the B.T.R. band, celebrating three decades together. At the presentation of the album "Puzzle" the musicians had a lot of guest artists by their side, but..

published on 11/23/23 7:10 AM

Bulgarian evergreen songs sound in a new arrangement in "Obraztsovo cabare"

Tonight we are invited to "Obraztsovo Cabare"! Bulgarian evergreen songs from the recent past will come to life in a new arrangement, the work of composer Dobromir Kisov. The program includes iconic songs such as "People and Streets" by Mimi Ivanova..

published on 11/22/23 1:21 PM

"Yesterday" - Stanley's music and Alexander Petrov's lyrics in another inspiring match

Stanislav "Stanley" Slanev is one of the country's most important, recognisable and popular music writers and performers . For more than four decades he has had a glorious career in Bulgarian music. While maintaining his unmistakable style, Stanley..

published on 11/21/23 12:40 PM

SoFest Winter features Balkan music and world-class artists

SoFest is here again, this time with its winter edition. The festival will be held between November 17 and 19 at Sofia Live Club in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. SoFest Winter 2023 brings together world class creators, artists and performers. The residents..

published on 11/17/23 11:30 AM

Around the world with Jivko Petrov Trio and On the Way

The road and the way have more and more often been at the heart of the music by jazz pianist and composer Jivko Petrov. Two years after Jivko Petrov Trio (JP3) gave us a new direction with Change the Way , they are now taking a new and exciting..

published on 11/15/23 7:06 AM

Momchil Kolev makes comeback as a performer

Composer of some of the most tender melodies in modern Bulgarian pop music, Momchil Kolev, celebrates his birthday today. We owe him a number of hits from the end of the 20th century to the present day performed by artists such as Irina Florin,..

published on 11/14/23 4:54 PM